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Madden NFL 17 Review

Madden NFL 17 Review

NFL lovers have been entertained by Madden games for over fifteen years now. The numerous difficulty preferences that were present in the various game editions were quite challenging for players. But, that is how a game should be designed so that people can stay excited about playing it even after months. Is Madden NFL 17 similar to its predecessor’s in terms of quality gaming?

The main menu:

Madden NFL 17’S main menu offers highly comprehensive modes with several features. A quick access to the marquee modes, card collection mode, player managing and creating mode,

EA sport’s latest game in the Madden series encompasses improvement and friendly upgrades than the previous ones. It not only offers players an improved system of gameplay roles but also focuses on better decision-making controls while playing it. But, the game is still not perfect when it comes to the online gaming experience and few minor bugs. Nonetheless, players will enjoy it to the fullest while controlling their favorite NFL teams. Access to view the Hall of Fame mode is also present in the game.

The game mode:

Madden NFL 17 gameplay

When it comes to the game, players take control of a single-player action game. The game focuses on a much more realistic approach. For instance, if you have an injured player or a player whose performance has gone down, then you have the options of trading him or changing the price on him. Even sending him to play in the season or not. It is all up to you in the Madden NFL 17.

Ultimate team mode:

Madden NFL 17 brings back the Ultimate Team mode which is a fantasy football mode for experiencing football seasons through your own league development. It might not be that interesting this year, but players will still enjoy playing it to the fullest. Trading and auction schemes in the Ultimate Team mode are present this time as well. Challenges once completed will only become a gameplay with no motive anymore. The managing aspects of the game are changed a little where a player with a lot rating can still be kept in the team without the need to trade him. Decisions in the game are hence less forcing giving players the freedom to do whatever they want in the game. Plus, style boosts for all players are added without predetermined ranking-based attributes.

Madden NFL 17 promises a gameplay with evolved features and upcoming updates while keeping game players posted with upcoming games, live feeds, news, and latest scores in the NFL. The game experience is so immersive that it lets you be a part of the team playing with the unpredictable NPCs. EA also offers another gameplay mode known as Play the Moments. This will let the users play matches without a complete gameplay. Selective gameplay situations are simulated in this mode which can help you relive those moments in the NFL history.

The mode will let you be a part of a simulation where the player that you control faces two opponents while handling various circumstances during gameplay. But, this mode still makes it a little unrealistic as any player from the lower ranking team is able to equally match a higher ranking player. This flaw might make some irritated while others would find it entertaining.

Madden NFL 17 juke

Besides these, Madden 17 offers a trainer mode. This lets beginners experience all the training and control layout. Everything is explained in this mode carefully to let anyone practice and master the controls eventually. However, there is still a submenu missing which could help newbies understand the actual football rules in detail. Nonetheless, newcomers are able to master the gameplay and learn the rules through the control setup and brief description of what to do in the game. You might not win the first couple of matches if you are starting the game for the very first time. But, with dedication, you will find the smooth and user-friendly controls supporting you during the gameplay to the fullest.


Voice acting for commentating has been given to Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin who are not your usual commentators for this game.  But they do have an experience through channels like Fox Sports and Westwood One which makes them fill in the spot. It might not replace the recognized voices of Cris Collinsworth and Jim Nantz as seen in the previous games, but they do create an image of their own while commentating in the gameplay. They still need more recognition which surely will come if they are the chosen voices in the upcoming games in the Madden series.

Most of their dialogues are not real-time play based. The scripts for the dialogues are more relying on the professional player’s real-life attributes. This might take the fun out of the game for the ones who want to experience a realistic approach. Moreover, it is not a new problem. Many EA sports games have this feature which is somewhat understandable. A good commentary comes in when the paired commentators are able to synchronize with one another even if it is a game. Developers will have to improve that in the future editions. Still, the fun-filled gameplay experience hides that minor faults in the game.

The verdict:

Madden NFL 17’s success has a lot to do with its previous games which have successfully generated a revenue. Everything you experienced in the past games has been provided in the new one while keeping in mind the high-definition gaming experience. Moreover, the animations are also quite realistic thanks to the highly powered gaming engines. All the moves performed by the players in the game are well designed to deliver a natural physics-based animation which you cannot neglect praising.

With a little tuning, Madden NFL 17 can bring out more fun and entertainment for the hardcore fans of the NFL. Focus on Ultimate team mode and other gameplay features through consistent upgrades will help increase its ratings. While the previous game features are still there, which is great, yet the game should focus on improving them further. In a nutshell, Madden NFL 17 is a success that will be remembered in the history of sports games for a very long time.

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