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No Man’s Sky – Dead on Arrival?!

No Man’s Sky – Dead on Arrival?!

No Man’s Sky is one of the most hyped games in 2016. For several month pre-release fans all over the world were in pain from waiting for this to be ‘The Next Big Thing’. However, what they were greeted to wasn’t so pleasing to say the least. But before I talk about what fans expectations were, let’s take a little closer look at what No Man’s Sky is.

General Info about No Man’s Sky

At its core No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure survival video game. It is and was developed by an not so known indie games studio Hello Games and by their banner it was published in August 2016.

What it really is…

The general genre classification is fairly correct. However, putting this game in the bracket with all the other games that are similar in genre would be a big mistake. And yes, No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure. But is it really?
I wouldn’t say so myself. Calling this game an action game is the most ignorant thing I’ve heard in a while. With 30 hours around my belt I’ve only felt little glimpses of action. Those were far too spread out and forgetting. So no, there’s really not much action here.
On the other hand, an adventure is a suitable No Man’s Sky adjective…


…While playing I was constantly immersed in this new and original world that this game has to offer. And that immersion lasted for good, 5 hours. After that every planet I went to was so similar to planets I already visited that I almost knew the rough landscape layout. The creates, another great aspect of the game, so hyped and over the roof, were as big letdown as the planets. The procedural generation, while being a great mechanic, was too bloody obvious. And instead of discovering this new and exotic species, I kept running into slightly different rat-like variations. And those are far from the creatures we saw in game trailers.
Not let’s talk about the survival aspect of the game. IT’S ANNOYING AND UNNEEDED FILLER OF A FEATURE. Do you know those short lines about what the game is supposed to be? Where developers put like: ‘An RPG with a unique this and that!’, ‘a simulation like never before’… Well I feel like: ‘Harsh Galactic Survival game’ is the line for No Man’s Sky. And only for that line they’ve implemented this buzz-killing feature. Or at least that’s my honest opinion.

No Man's Sky

Source: PlayStation

Progression system

This is the big part of the general gameplay but I wanted to mention this feature separate from the paragraph above. This is because I feel like this was the key reason why I kept playing No Man’s Sky after those few hours where I really did have lots of fun.
Progression in a game isn’t really anything new and original. We’ve seen in most of the newer generation games and I can say that many of the players decide about playing a game based on the fact: Does it have an in-depth progression system. Unfortunately there isn’t much appreciation in just playing the game and enjoying it. An average player wants to see some sort of advancing when they finish with playing for that session. This is the biggest reason why the term ‘grindy’ even exists nowadays.
For everyone that wants that sort of game enjoyment there’s loads to have in No Man’s Sky. However, do note that you won’t be progressing as much as you think. At the end of the day you may get the resources to upgrade your ship for example, and you’ll become better at, let’s say mining, but do ask yourself: ‘What is it all for?’. To feel superior? You won’t. This is kinda singleplayer game. What superiority is there when you only encounter AI? Not much for me…

No Man's Sky

52% positive reviews, out of almost 50 000…

My conclusion

Don’t think that I’m boarding this ‘hate No Man’s Sky’ train. I’m really not. I gave this game a fair chance. After countless attempts to make it run on my gaming rig of course. But I did give it a chance… It crashed down burning – all the fun that I hoped for.

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