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Overwatch: Bastion Spotlight

Overwatch: Bastion Spotlight

This time around we’ll be taking and in depth look at the most charming hero in the game. Bastion is a cute mech with a strange passion for transformation into death sowing machine. Let’s take a closer look at some of the lesser known facts about Bastion first:

General info about Bastion

Name: SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54
Gender: Unknown
Age: 30
Occupation: Battle Automaton
Base of operation:Unknown
Role: Defense
Difficulty: Easy

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Overwatch Bastion


Configuration: Recon, Sentry (Default use key: Shift)
There are 2 configurations Bastion can have. Those represent Recon and Sentry. While in recon mode Bastion can freely move around and shoot with his assault-like weapon. In this mode Bastion won’t do much damage or anything in that worth mentioning here. The true power of this hero comes from his Configuration: Sentry. This transforms Bastion into sitting turret that is equipped with a minigun. This weapon has the best DPS in the game and shreds trough tanks with ease.
Damage in Recon mode: 6-20
Damage in Sentry mode: 4-15
Damage falloff range for Recon: 26-50 meters
Damage falloff range for Sentry: 35-55 meters
Recon mode rate of fire: 8 rounds per second
Sentry mode rate of fire: 35 rounds per second
Recon mode ammo: 20
Sentry mode ammo: 200
Recon mode reload time: 2 seconds
Sentry mode reload time: 2 seconds
Headshot: Can, Can

Self-Repair (Default use key: E)
Self-Repair allows Bastion to heal himself over a period of time. While repairing Bastion can’t move or use any of his abilities. Make sure you’re in cover when using this ability or it might be your last time this life!
Healing: 75 per second
Duration: Unlimited
Cooldown: None

Configuration: Tank (Default use key: Q)
This is Bastion’s ultimate ability. When activated it restores his health, gives his certain amount of armor and transforms him into moving tank. He can shoot rockets while in this form but he can’t use any of his abilities for the duration it’s active.
Damage: 205
Number of rockets: Unlimited
Rate of fire: 1.11 per second
Max blast range: 4 meters radius
Duration: 8 seconds
Headshot: Can’t


Bastion has the highest DPS and DPM in the game. Use this to you advantage to quickly cut down any unaware opponents. Bastion is a great counter to: Winston, Mercy and Reinhardt. Be careful when engaging: Widowmaker, Hanzo, Ana, Genji, D.Va, Junkrat and Tracer as all of this heroes are your born counters. Don’t let anyone get behind you while you’re in Sentry mode since you get double the damage if they’re shooting you in back. He’s in general very newbie friendly so there isn’t much to talk about.

Overwatch Bastion

Prr Prr Prrprrr!

Fun facts

-Bastion’s bird is called Ganymede
-He’s love towards the birds might be a reference to the manga Dragon Ball Z
-He can transform in 3 different modes just like the Triple Changers from the Transformers franchise

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