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Black Ops 4 is Activision’s biggest-ever digital launch, but physical sales are down

Black Ops 4 is Activision’s biggest-ever digital launch, but physical sales are down
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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is its publisher’s biggest-ever launch. In a press release issued yesterday, Activision revealed that the latest game in their FPS series broke the previous record, which was set last year by Call of Duty: WWII.

The success appears to have come across both PC and console. Activision revealed that Black Ops 4 set sales records across both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but also referenced the game’s PC release. The latest game in the series is the first to release on Blizzard’s Battle.Net platform, and delivered record PC sales, which were twice as high as those managed by WWII.

Unsurprisingly, those figures translated to a record player count. Elsewhere in that press release, Activision says that “in its first day of availability, the total number of people who connected online to play Black Ops 4 increased from last year’s release.” Call of Duty’s executive vice president and general manager, Rob Kostich, says “the number of people who have connected online on day one to play has grown year on year.”

Some of those figures will undoubtedly be as a result of the high-profile success of Blackout, Black Ops 4’s take on the battle royale. The latest Call of Duty has foregone a single-player campaign in favour of various multiplayer game modes, and a series of beta tests earlier this year offered some impressive previews of the COD: Battle Royale.

It’s not all positive, however, as physical sales are down 50% on WW2, and nearly 60% on Black Ops 3, according to the UK’s physical charts. That didn’t stop it from topping those same charts, of course, and it’s also worth pointing out that physical releases just aren’t as popular as they used to be. That said, as we approach Christmas, I expect Black Ops 4 will continue to prove popular.

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