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Clustertruck – Game Review

Clustertruck – Game ReviewScore 79%Score 79%

Who’s behind Clustertruck?

Does someone remember that game Square Brawl? I sure don’t… However, one game I know I will probably always remember is Landfall Games’s Clustertruck. This game went into development shortly after their first game was released, about a year ago. It first debuted in December last year and in about 3 days from the time of writing this it should be officially released. Let us hope tinyBuild Games doesn’t make any negative changes to this plat as they are the publishers for this game.

What is Clustertruck?

Let me start by explaining why the name sounds so familiar. By now you probably know that we don’t use swear words in our articles. Don’t worry that will not change. However, I must use one particular word to elaborate the title of this game. Skip the next sentence if you’re swear-o-phobic. Clustertruck is not much more than just a word play. You’re probably aware with the saying ‘clustefuck’. It’s often used to describe a certain chaotic situation. Well all Landfall Games did to name their game is replace ‘fuck’ with ‘truck’ and so the Clustertruck was born. Original, isn’t it?



This took 1.5 hours of my life. Worth it!

As I previously mention Clustertruck is an action platformer. And the gameplay is just that. You need to jump your way trough the level all while riding the top of high speed moving trucks, avoiding lasers, icebergs, wheels and all sort of different obstacles. Along side protagonists ability to run fast and jump high, you can and ought equip him with a array of powerups and unique but situational perks. There’s big enough variety for one to grind a long time. The way you earn those powerups and perks is by finishing a level. At the end you’ll be granted X amount of points and that quantity depends on how well you did in that run. The faster you completed a level the more points you’ll get. Do note that you can unlock all powerups and perks, but can select only one of each to use in a level.

Game modes


It wouldn’t be a platformer if if didn’t have lasers…

This game is singleplayer only but there’s multiplayer in a way. When you finish a level you’ll be prompted with a screen telling you how fast you’ve completed that level and comparing your score with a global rank list. From that window you can select someone else’s best time and race against its ghost.

Sound and graphics

There isn’t much to expect out of this two. Graphics are good enough for the player not to be bothered with the surroundings but for me the sound and music were a big letdown. It seems like there’s only one theme running again and again in a level. And when you die multiple times it can get a bit frustrating. But do remember that the dev team is only about 5 man big so some guys must do a lot of things on their own. For example a director could be also a programmer, compositor, art designer…

My thoughts

I’m usually not the type of person that likes and plays these kinds of games. However, I did give Clustertruck a go as it seemed really fun. And man was I right. Often, even if I play a platformer that requires good reflexes and reaction time I get frustrated and nervous. Thus making me wanting to quit which I most of the times do. That same stuff I expected before going into this one. However, after probably an hour and a half playing one same level I was stuck at (last level of winter pack) I found myself enjoying the game like it was the first time I jumped into a level and not 100th time of playing it over and over. Clustertruck made me go back to the genre under who’s wing the gaming originally started and for that as a games journalist I can’t be more thankful.



Summary PC/Windows


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