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Destiny 2 gets three new ‘pinnacle’ guns, replacing Not Forgotten with a grenade launcher

Destiny 2 gets three new ‘pinnacle’ guns, replacing Not Forgotten with a grenade launcher
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With Redrix’s Claymore in season three, Destiny 2 introduced a time-limited gun with unique and powerful perks that you would only earn after a big grind in competitive PvP. This precedent was followed by the hand cannon Not Forgotten in season four, which draws to a close today, and will be cemented in season five, with three new ‘pinnacle’ guns available across three different game modes.

For fans of PvE, the Vanguard’s pinnacle weapon is Loaded Question – a fusion rifle that deals extra damage and causes enemies to explode with the first blast of a fresh battery. If you prefer Destiny 2’s PvPvE mode, Gambit, you can pursue Breakneck. This is a new auto rifle that fires faster as you earn stacks of the Rampage perk, and will thus be amazing for add clearance.

The new PvP pinnacle weapon – and replacement for the highly desirable Not Forgotten – is more controversial. Likely named for a notorious PvP quest in the original Destiny, the Mountaintop is a grenade launcher whose rounds travel much faster than usual, and will fire in a straight line rather than a parabola.

Bungie says it created the Mountaintop because grenade launchers are somewhat under-represented, which provided an opportunity to “add more variety to the mix of what you’ll use and have used against you.”

This seems certain to happen. As many players have pointed out, the quest to get the Mountaintop requires you to make grenade launcher kills, so get ready for the competitive playlist to be flooded with Militia’s Birthright and The Colony – an Exotic grenade launcher whose bombs are carried by spider-bots that track enemies. Some of those who remember playing against The Colony when it was first introduced are less than thrilled with the prospect, damning it as a low-skill weapon.

The Mountaintop itself has drawn ire for the same reason. Ammo should be plentiful since it equips in your primary slot, and grenade launchers are one-shot kills unless you miss wildly. Adding extra projectile speed and a direct trajectory to these points has already got people damning the Mountaintop as a ‘noob tube’ when many in the competitive community had been calling out for something with a higher skill floor – ideally a sniper rifle. No doubt it’ll be fun to use, but the journey to attain it, and having it used on you, may be less enjoyable.

All these pinnacle weapons seem easier to earn than Not Forgotten, according to the requirements as posted in Bungie’s latest update. Breakneck – the one I’m most looking forward to – requires you to make 500 auto rifle kills, 100 auto rifle multikills, and beat 150 challenging enemies in Gambit, as well as complete 40 Gambit matches. Not technically difficult, and not even especially laborious when taken over the course of a full season.

The quests for these new guns will go live at 17:00 GMT today, when Destiny 2’s fifth season releases. Black Armory, its next DLC, will launch exactly one week later, on December 4.

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