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Expect Prey’s Typhon Hunter update to finally launch very soon

Expect Prey’s Typhon Hunter update to finally launch very soon
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Prey’s free Typhon Hunter mode was announced at E3 and scheduled to launch over the summer, and though clearly it’s missed that window it’s safe to expect a release date to come very soon. The developers have confirmed the update is set to go live before the end of the year, and a new teaser from the official Twitter account adds more fuel to that fire.

The teaser is just a brief gif, zooming out from an desk that matches the decor of Prey. A drinking bird toy is dipping down into a glass of water. Not only is that a pretty good Alien reference, there’s also a further clue if you look closely – a bit of a black substance falls into the glass as the bird drinks.

It looks like the alien material Prey’s monsters are built from, and suggests that the little bird is actually a mimic. That fits in with the theme of Typhon Hunter, where five players as mimics attempt to wreak havoc and hide from a single human character. The 5v1 mode is inspired in part by the prop hunt modes in games like Garry’s Mod, and has been a long time coming.

As noted on Reddit, official developer streams have suggested that Typhon Hunter will still be out by the end of the year, despite missing its original release window. The mode’s been advertised as a free update for existing Prey owners, in contrast to the paid Mooncrash DLC.

With all bits of news teased for the week, there’s a likely slot here among The Game Awards announcements. Mooncrash’s E3 reveal saw the DLC made available on Steam immediately, and we could see the same thing happen here. Given that Typhon Hunter will need a base of players online to get matches going, a bit of extra publicity during such an event would certainly help.

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