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Fortnite season 7 tease hints at new skins and skiing

Fortnite season 7 tease hints at new skins and skiing
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Fortnite season 7 launches in a handful of days, and Epic has released its first official teaser. It gives us a hint of a new skin, but it also teases a brand new way of getting around: skiing. The new season’s wintry theme is all but confirmed, and with some snowsport mobility options out there it looks like we can expect the white stuff to fall on the updated map.

The new teaser image is captioned “A bitter ice spreads… 3 days to season 7.” There’s a hooded figure with two sets of horns, and the aurora borealis is visible in the void where the body should be. A tiny silhouette of a skier is heading down the shoulder of that figure – only a single board is visible, but the presence of a ski pole suggests this isn’t actually a snowboard.

The Fortnite snowstorm was eventually revealed to be a massive iceberg on a crash course with the map – either way, there’s going to be a big rise in wintry conditions when the chunk of ice strikes the map. Whether that means snow across the map or simply a new winter-themed area is unclear.

We also don’t know exactly what form these skis will take. They could be a new vehicle type, or simply a sort of power-up you’ll pick up on the map. It’s possible the skis could just be part of a new skin, but since Epic already covered that ground with the Alpine Ace outfit it’s likely this’ll be something new.

The Fortnite season 7 release date is scheduled for December 6, assuming there are no last-minute delays. We’ll get teases for more skins and features over the leading up to launch, and you can follow that link for more info on what to expect as it comes in.

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