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Fortnite’s latest skin was originally pitched by an 8-year-old fan

Fortnite’s latest skin was originally pitched by an 8-year-old fan
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Towards the end of Fortnite season 5, something peculiar took the game’s community by storm. If you’ll cast your mind back to September, you might remember Chicken Trooper, an in-game skin concept designed by an eight-year old fan of the game. But why am I bringing this up now?

The answer to that is because Fortnite’s getting a brand-new cosmetic line based on that original fan-made concept. The Fowl Play set appeared in-game overnight (after a set of teasers), allowing players to pick up a bunch of new chicken-themed items.

Many of those seem to have stemmed from a related piece of fan art. In response to the initial Chicken Trooper Reddit thread, a user named EtsyTurtle2 posted their own take on the skin, as well as a glider, pickaxe, and back-bling all related to the Chicken Trooper (which now goes by the name Tender Defender, per EtsyTurtle’s original design). The mascot-themed skin comes with the Scrambler pickaxe, the Flappy Flyer glider, and the Hatchback back bling. The only thing missing is the new ‘Squak’ emote.

It’s not too surprising that the Tender Defender would have shown up eventually. Fortnite already has plenty of Mascot-themed skins, and some of those are based on in-game fast food joints, like Durrr Burger and Tomato Town. Now, it seems that the Fortnite takeaway wars are about to see the introduction of a new challenger.

Elsewhere in the battle royale, there have been some other surprises, as Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph has recently been spotted on the Risky Reels projector screen, suggesting that we could soon see some kind of tie-in. It seems Epic still aren’t afraid to lean into the cartoonish side of their shooter.

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