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Rainbow Six Siege’s mandatory two-step authentication starts in December

Rainbow Six Siege’s mandatory two-step authentication starts in December
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Ubisoft will now require you to enable two step authentication in order to play ranked Rainbow Six Siege. The developers have been ramping up anti-cheat measures all year, and the 2SA requirement was detailed months ago, but now we know exactly when it goes into place. December 11 will be the cutoff, and that’ll also mark your last chance to get a free Thermite skin for signing up.

On December 11, players in Europe, North America, and much of the rest of the world will have to have 2SA enabled to keep playing ranked. You’ll still have access to Situations, Terrorist Hunt, and casual modes if you don’t sign up, but competitive play will be out.

If you haven’t yet added two step authentication to your account, you can find instructions on how to do so via the official site. You can still get that free Thermite bundle for signing up, too, which includes the Ride or Die headgear, Compatriot uniform, and Cyberfriend weapon skin. This’ll be your last chance to pick up the bundle as part of the promotion, but you’ll still get it as long as you’re secured by December 11.

Ubisoft’s efforts against Rainbow Six Siege cheaters have been a major priority this year, and that’s resulted in some massive ban waves. This 2SA requirement will help keep hackers using compromised accounts from coming into the game, and should further help reduce the appearance of cheaters of cheaters in competitive modes.

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