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Sunset Overdrive shows up in Steam’s database

Sunset Overdrive shows up in Steam’s database
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November 5, 2018 Sunset Overdrive has shown up in the Steam database.

It look as though Sunset Overdrive is heading to PC. Not only has the former Xbox One exclusive received an ESRB rating, now it’s even got a Steam listing – though not officially just yet. SteamDB results show a listing for Sunset Overdrive now appears in the back-end database for Valve’s store.

If Sunset Overdrive passed you by a few years ago, allow me to refresh your memory. The shooter is set in the fictional Sunset City in the year 2027. Following the release of a new energy drink, people begin turning into mutants, and the entire city is quarantined. It’s your job to use the game’s fast-paced combat to defeat these mutants and save the city.

You can see the SteamDB listing here, as noted by Wario64 on Twitter. You can check out the ESRB rating here. There’s obviously no word on a Sunset Overdrive PC release date at this point, but it’s starting to look pretty certain that the PC version is actually on its way.

The game was originally developed by Insomniac Games, who went on to produce PS4 exclusive Spider-Man earlier this year. Over the past few years, many of their resources will have gone on producing Peter Parker’s latest videogame adventure. It’s possible that a smaller team has been working on a PC version of the game, but equally likely that the port has been handled by a third party. Insomniac is yet to make any official comment about Sunset Overdrive PC.

While the developers are keeping mum, it’s worth pointing out that this isn’t the first we’ve heard about a PC version. Back in 2016, Insomniac said it’d “love” to bring the game to PC, but that that decision was down to Xbox. Earlier this year, Sunset Overdrive PC received a rating from the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee. Back in May, we reached out to multiple Insomniac developers for comment, but received no response.

There’s never been any word on any new Sunset Overdrive games, despite the original setting itself up for a sequel. Insomniac has obviously had its hands full recently, but a PC port could pave the way for further releases.

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