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Warframe’s Fortuna expansion launches in November

Warframe’s Fortuna expansion launches in November
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Warframe gets an even bigger new open world locale on Venus, and developer Digital Extremes has finally confirmed when you’ll be able to get into the new Fortuna expansion. The free update launches in November, and as usual will debut first on PC via Steam. The devs say the new map will be at least four times bigger than the Plains of Eidolon, and that’s not the only big addition.

The snowy Venusian landscape will see you battling its Corpus masters, fighting alongside the rebels of Solaris United. That means new missions and bounties taking you across the Orokin-influenced world, with plenty of strongholds to liberate and massive bases to explore as you make your way around the open world.

You’ll also have access to the new K-Drive hoverboard, which lets you rip some sick tricks and ‘shred,’ as I understand the kids today say. The wonderfully-named Vent Kids will even get you access to fresh deck art as you build your rep in races across the tundra. You’ll need a break between all that rebellious liberation, after all.

You can see a full, hour-long breakdown of new features and Fortuna gameplay in the latest devstream below.

While you wait for the Fortuna release date, you can follow that link for a much more detailed breakdown of all the major features we’ll see in the big November update.

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