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Rainbow Six Siege Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Guide

Rainbow Six Siege is one of those games which are ruthless to newbies. Tactical shooting mechanics, a high emphasis on positioning and a plethora of different weapons, most of which behave completely unique can prove to be a too high of a challenge for many players. But there are highly helpful tips, able to make a deadly opponent for other players, transforming a challenging game into a joyful experience.

Communication is the key

Rainbow Six Siege 19

No matter if you play with friends of PUG (Pickup group), you must communicate between yourselves. Alarming teammates about traps, about enemies, discussing the perfect breach strategy can lead to fantastic shows of teamwork. Lack of communication will lead to a team in which every man is for himself, and where unnecessary deaths are common. So, even if not using a headset, chat with others, tell them from which side the breach should be performed, which parts of the room are susceptible for easy entry, and where to place shields, traps, and barricades.

Headphones mode: ON

Like CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege is a game where a difference between killing someone or dying is often decided by which player first hear the other closing in. If you hear an opponent and know the path he’ll take in order to close on you before he hears you, you’ll have a huge advantage. All you have to do is to slow down you movement and deliver the killing blow. And playing without headphones will make you vulnerable, depending on visual clues which aren’t as valuable as audio ones. Just put your headphones on, crank up the volume, move slowly and listen. This way you’ll gather many kills simply because you spotted an opponent before he spotted you.

Spend some time in situations mode

Rainbow Six Siege 01

Aside from being a tutorial mode, Situations mode can earn you enough renown points to buy a couple of defending and attacking operators, since none are available from the start. Playing as Recruit without upgraded weapons and abilities will just make you a sitting duck waiting for someone to eliminate you. Besides being a great way of earning some renown at the start, Situations mode is a great way of familiarizing with Rainbow Six Siege gameplay mechanics, and to have some fun playing interesting scenarios.

Explore Every Operator

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Don’t stop at just a couple of unlocked operators. Save renown points so you can always have many operators to choose from. Because all of them have only a couple of choices of weapons, playing with as many operators as you can, will get you familiar with their weapons. In the end, you’ll choose a couple having the best combination of the main ability, weapons, and ratio of speed and health.

Learn the maps

Since the game is based on smart use of your surroundings, learning maps in detail can greatly help you in being a better Rainbow Six Siege player. Learn where the steps are, how many levels and sublevels each map has, room placement, positions of breakable walls, and asset placing. If you don’t care about learning the maps, in most cases you’ll die because someone who knows them as the back of their palm will just take a different path, come at you from the back and kill you with you not even knowing they could sneak up to you from a different route, or staying near windows on the map with plane only to be killed by Glaz from outside.

Never Rush

Rainbow Six Siege 08

Rushing is probably the worst possible tactic used in Rainbow Six Siege. Simple, since weapons kill you with a couple of shots, rushing and taking few shots will kill you. Be careful, cooperate with teammates when advancing on objective, or when defending against a breach. Don’t be shy of camping for minutes in the same place, or slowly advancing while prone. Sometimes rushing can help, but after you got to the position, or after you spotted an enemy who didn’t see you. In most other scenarios, rushing will just leave your team with one member less.

This was our short guide that should prepare newbies for the unforgiving world of Rainbow Six Siege. Thanks for reading; we hope you learned something new that’ll help you in eliminating enemies in Rainbow Six Siege.

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