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Rise Of The Tomb Raider Guide

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Guide

The newest adventures of Lara Croft will take you through some impressive environments.  It will occasionally put your wit to the test, and will make you hate those lackluster gunfights. For most of your adventure, you’ll be enchanted by visual beauty.  But there’s so much more to the Rise of the Tomb Raider than pretty graphics.

In the latest Tomb Raider some puzzles can get tricky, but solvable with the right mindset.  Combat can be a breeze if having the right skills and piles of collectibles and some basic problem solving.  Although the game is far from being particularly difficult.  There are some things you can do in order of making it better to play.  Just follow a couple of simple, but helpful tips we throw at you and push Rise of the Tomb Raider to the next level of enjoyment.

Survival Instincts Aren’t Made for Survival, But For Picking up Everything


By pressing Q Lara can scan her environment, making every object of interest glow in bright yellow; this feature was present in the previous Tomb Raider game. This isn’t so handy when fighting enemies.  But can really help if you’re set to pick up every collectible out there. Just press Q every time you arrive at the new level part. All interactive objects will turn bright yellow, giving you not just the means to hoard everything, but also hints helping you pass some puzzle, or noticing a secret area.
This way not a single thing will be hidden from you; you’ll find everything, earning loads of experience and getting tons of crafting supplies.

Unlock a Couple Of XP Boosting Skills During Early-Game


When you earn a couple of skill points and finally reach the first base camp, don’t unlock HP or damage boosting skills; instead, concentrate on unlocking skills giving you extra experience when finding various collectibles.
Those skills are similar to the XP boosting skills in Fallout, for instance. They’ll grant you much more experience than what you’d get without them unlocked. More experience means more skill points, leading to your Lara becoming an ultimate survivor, lethal weapon, and crafty artisan before long. And it’s better to hunt collectibles when you know they bring loads of experience.

When You Hit A Wall During Tomb Raiding Take a Break and Return Later


Most of the optional challenge tombs found in the latest Tomb Raider are relatively easy to solve.  Solving them will grant you some special skills so it’s best to beat them all. But some tombs can be a real pain, with you just running around searching for a hint that will grant you access to the secrets unlocked at the end.

You’ll find yourself, from time to time, hitting your head against a wall trying to solve something that looks like an impassable obstacle, without any chance of success. If that happens, it’s better to leave and continue with the main story than to buzz around the tomb doing nothing. After you make some main story progress, return to the unsolvable tomb and try beating it again.

You’ll quickly realize what the trick was and the means of overcoming it.  Since your brain worked in the background while you climbed, fought and jumped. This is a great strategy, because after we spend a certain period of time in some place without making progress, our brain will start to run around in circles, trying to perform strategies already proven inadequate. After we make a break and return after some time, the brain will have an answer in most cases, since it worked on solving the problem in the background during the break.

Try Being Sam Fisher During Combat


In Rise Of The Tombs Raider stealth kills grant you much more XP compared to regular ones. And killing unsuspecting enemies won’t alarm others, letting you picking them one by one.  This makes combat easier, and more enjoyable since trying to kill all enemies with stealth kills is incredibly rewarding if you end up being successful.
Just activate Survival Instincts; Yellow enemies can be killed since they aren’t seen by others; red foes must be killed fast, one after another, since they glowing red means that the enemy sees, and is seen, by other members of his party.
Some skills (like the double and triple shot) can make stealth approach much easier, so try unlocking them right after you unlock XP boosting skills.

During Set Piece Gunfights, Craft Bombs All The Time


Some gunfights are prearranged, so you won’t be able to use the stealth approach. During those fights you’ll notice a bunch of bottles, cans, and fuel canisters around you; those are the main parts of handcrafted explosives, so craft them one after another, and just barrage enemies with bombs.

Using this explosive-extravaganza strategy will make set pieces much easier and much faster to beat. Just craft a ton of bombs and throw them all at enemies.  But,remember to constantly move since foes also tend to rain down tons of explosives on you.


Ok, that was all for today. We hope that those pieces of advice helped you in becoming a better tomb raider.  We know that they look like nothing special, but incorporating those bits of advice into your playing strategy will take less time to finish, challenge tombs, and gunfights. And remember, more XP means more skills unlocked faster. Happy Gaming!

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