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Rocket League Guide

Rocket League is one of those games which are easy to pick up and play and incredibly hard to master. There are just so many moves, techniques, and mechanics incorporated into the game that for many newbies, scoring a goal while in midair sounds next to impossible, not to talk about magical saves and dribbling moves. Because of all those reasons we gathered some helpful tips which will level up your game, allowing you to score incredible goals with ease. Stay with us and find how you can get better at this marvelous game.


Boost Is Extremely important
Always have at least bit of boost, driving around without any nitro is like playing soccer with legs tied one to another. You can’t fly, can’t accelerate in order to chase the ball, can’t do anything except making a double jump. Pick up boost at every possible chance; learn the layout of boost pickups so you can run over them even when driving backward, it will tremendously ease up the game.

Finish Every Tutorial Lesson
Advanced tutorial lessons are very helpful. They’ll teach you how to make aerial shots, how to fly with ease and how to score while in midair. Also, goalie lessons can come in handy because even if you don’t like to be stuck on your side of the field, making a decisive save is as rewarding as scoring a goal from opposite side of the field. Believe us, Rocket League tutorials can really level up your game, so be sure to complete all of them.

Defense Is The Best Attack
In Rocket League, defensive plays are as important as scoring goals. It’s simple, if you don’t play defense, opponents will fill your net, leaving you wondering how in the world your team conceded so many goals? Counter attacks can be especially dangerous if your entire team is on opponents half. The best way of playing is that someone drives along the middle of the field; that way, the player will be able to stop counters as well as to hit the incoming ball, make center shots, and go for the opponent’s goal when the ball is in mid-air above it.

Watch YouTube Videos Of Pro Players
There is a plethora of YouTube videos explaining every bit of in game mechanics which can teach you about advanced tactics, impossible moves, and winning strategy. There is a ton of information out there, just waiting for you to discover it. You can learn about optimal camera settings, how to fly like a pro, how to dribble and much more, just open the Rocket League chest of wonders in the form of YouTube tutorials.

Always Maintain Communication With Teammates
How many times did a teammate just run into your car a millisecond before you made a perfect shot, or just stole the ball right in front of you, hitting it poorly and sending it towards your goal? To prevent these situations from happening, always communicate. Make sure to let teammates know that you got the incoming ball, that you are defending, that they can take the shot regularly. This will make the game more enjoyable since it will no longer be a destruction derby where teammates run into each other, where nobody can make a good shot and where you concede goals like on a conveyor belt.

Don’t Use On-Ball Camera All The Time
On-ball camera is really handy, it will keep the ball in focus all the time, but it can be really unhelpful at times. When going for boost pickup, when the ball is on the ground or when you need to keep your eye on other players, use the free camera since in that kind of situations it’s better to have a clear view of the field than being locked to the ball.

Ram Into The Opponents
Don’t be shy, hit them at every possible opportunity, especially when they are on the attack. Rocket League is all about precise driving and when you smash someone, they will not be able to recover from the hit for a couple of seconds, making them useless during that time. This is especially handy when attacking. If you see that someone from your team is going to kick the ball towards the goal, just run into the goalie, if you see an opponent trying to position himself while the ball is in midair, hit him. Being an enforcer is just as important as scoring goals, you’ll make the way clear for teammates, and you’ll stop numerous goals from happening with just one precise bump.
Thank you for reading this (we hope) helpful guide. If want to learn more advanced moves, just visit YouTube. It is full of useful videos. And be sure to read our Rocket League review. Until next time!

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