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Rules for Pokémon Video Game Championship 2017 Revealed

Rules for Pokémon Video Game Championship 2017 Revealed

Play Pokémon finally released the official rules for the 2017 Video Game Championship (VGC) season. While most of the Pokémon battles’ formats remain the same for competitive play, some new rules and playable Pokémon will be shaking up next year’s contest.

Just like in previous VGC championships, players will be competing using a double battle format. Six Pokémon can be used in a single event, and players can bring up to four Pokémon during individual matches. However, players will be unable to use several Pokémon at the same time or have two or more Pokémon hold the same item.

The biggest change in this year’s contest is that players cannot use Pokémon that aren’t listed on the Alola Pokedex. This includes Pokémon in the all-new Pokémon Sun and Moon’s Island Scans. The following Pokémon are also restricted from being used in the competition: Cosmog, Cosmoem, Lunala, Magearna, Necrozma, Solgaleo, and Zygarde. Mega stones are also banned from play.

Pokémon 2017

The good thing about the 2017 competition is that players will be able to use Ultra Beasts. These Pokémon are quite rare but very powerful in battles. In addition, Z-Moves can be used. Z-Moves are combination attacks by both the trainer and Pokémon that can only be used once per battle.

The 2017 Play Pokémon VGC is a breath of fresh air from the recently-concluded Pokémon Sweepstakes contest that pitted together contestants in a game of luck. The Pokémon Sweepstakes was about introducing friends to the world of Pokémon Games. You do this by tagging them in a Twitter post with the hashtags #PokemonSunMoon and #NintendoSweepstakes.

To avoid complications in the contest, Nintendo laid out a “One entry per person policy” for the sweepstakes. This negated the plans of hackers from using programs that can automatically create posts by the hundreds or even thousands. It was bad news for the creatives out there though, who plan on using perfectly-legal techniques like “Doubling Up,” which Lottoland describes as, “Doubling your chances by entering a second selection,” a popular practice used in many lottery draws by entrants. In luck-based games, doubling up increases the chances of winning per round. Sadly, in a world of advanced computing machines, hacking software is widely used in online competitions.

The first VGC event that used the new format was the European International Championships, which took place from December 9th-11th in London.

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