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Smite: Freya Spotlight

Smite: Freya Spotlight

In this article we’re gonna be taking an in depth look at one of my most favorite gods in Smite – Freya. She’s the first ever god I unlocked and since then many things changed by my love for playing with her ain’t.

Death machine for Newbies



But seriously, if you’re new to whole Smite or even moba experience, stay away from Freya. She won’t greet you with open hands. Or in other words, she’ll make you hate Smite. The difficulty level on her is probably the highest in the game. Skill cap is great and reaching it will take you a looong time. Seriously, I’m at more than 1300 worshipers and still Freya can throw me some curve balls.




Here I won’t talk much about the theory behind Freya’s abilities. You can always read them up on wiki. Instead, I’ll try to give you some advice on how to use them more effectively.
First of all, Freya has some peculiar skills. Her first ability, Irradiate, serves as a healthy buff to her basic attack power. Making you hit like a truck. Second ability, Pulse, is again a buff to her basic attacks. Strange isn’t it? First 2 abilities and both buffs.
Well, the key for playing good with Freya is to know when to use your abilities. When you activate Pulse Freya will gain range on her basic attacks making her a potent ADC. Pulse also hits every enemy near the initial hit zone, slowing everyone in it. However, the real synergy comes with combining these 2 abilities. Pulse lasts for 6 seconds and Irradiate lasts for 5 seconds. After you activate your 2nd ability then you activate your Irradiate. This makes Freya a hard-hitting beast. Two buffs stack with each other but make Freya loose her AOE slow from Pulse.
Her 3rd ability is the trickiest one to use properly. On paper it’s a simple ability, when used it makes all enemies in an AOE rooted and immune to any kind of damage. It’s great when trying to run away as well as when trying to catch up to your foes. But making someone you want to kill immune for a certain period of time can be quite backfiring. For example, when Poseidon throws down his Krakens they have a delay when they initially appear and do damage. In that time Freya can Banish someone making him immune to Kraken’s damage thus potentially ruining the fight.

Freya’s play style

In an overview of Freya it says the she’s a Mage. And that’s correct. However, that doesn’t mean that her role is one most common for mages,to do a lot of burst damage from afar. Instead, Freya relies on players ability to land auto-attacks making her most viable in an ADC role. She can also play in Mid, Solo and Jungle role but that can quite hinder her nowadays. One important aspect of Freya is her build. She absolutely NEEDS to follow a certain pattern when choosing items.

My tips and general stuff about Freya

-Don’t use your ultimate by holding down a fire button. Freya’s ult has quite a short channeling time making it ALMOST essential to spam your fire key and hope you hit all 4 of your charges. Learn to aim Valkyrie’s Discretion!
-Your ‘Whoof’ is your only way to ability disengage. Use it wisely as it has quite a long cooldown!
-Follow certain pro build. This tip is quite a dull one since I’m basically telling you not to use your imagination. But trust me on this one, Freya will stomp your imagination into the ground.
-Be patient. She is in my eyes the hardest god to master. Don’t expect much from your first match. First 10s of matches. However, if you stick long enough you’ll get your grip and start carrying games like it’s nothing. Her late game is one of the best in class.
-Enjoy your learning process. Whatever you do don’t play her just because someone told you that she’s the hardest carry. If you don’t like her or/and her play style just move on. Don’t make it painful for both you and your teammates. That’s not what games are about.

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