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Smite Guan Yu Build

Smite Guan Yu Build

In Smite, the “Saint of War” Yu Guan is a warrior build with some of the best support abilities in the game. Though commonly rolled, Guan Yu has quite a few unique features which make him one of the most prized healers in the game. As one of the only physical gods with powerful healing abilities for your entire team, with the proper armor and items Guan Yu might be one of the most valuable warriors in Smite. Read more to find out some of the best builds with this player favorite!


Yu Guan’s first ability is Conviction, a support technique which heals himself and friendly gods in his vicinity. This ability also reduces your cooldown times. Conviction is best used with Guan Yu’s passive ability Painless. Painless allows Guan Yu to gain willpower every time damage is received, which increases the healing power of Conviction.

Guan Yu’s second ability, Warrior’s Will, is a more straightforward attack, initiating a charge which deals damage to enemies. Taolu Assault, Guan Yu’s third ability, is a similar attack which steals protections from enemies and places them on your character, as well as dealing damage.

Guan Yu’s final and ultimate ability, Cavalry Charge, summons his horse to chase down enemies, allowing multiple attacks which also slow the target.

Smite Guan Yu Build

Without the right items, Guan Yu won’t be as effective as one would hope. That’s why it’s important to understand your enemy teams as well as yourself!


Most of the time, an enemy team will include a healer themselves – counter this with some anti-heal items to give your own support tactics an edge. Some suggestions; Brawler’s Beat Stick, Pestilence, and the Curse Relic. All three of these items will lower the enemy’s healing rate by at least 25%, and in the case of Curse, the enemy movement will also be slowed by 40%.

Smite Yu Guan Build healer

Brawler’s Beat Stick, Pestilence, and the Curse Relic


From here, a lot of your items will depend on the enemy team build, and can be broken down into categories with different item effects. Against a balanced or physical enemy team, you’re going to want some form of physical protection. The Breastplate of Valor might be your best choice, as it gives 75 physical protection and 300 mana, as well as reduces your cooldown rate.

Breastplate of Valor

Breastplate of Valor

Magic Defense

Against magic based enemy teams, you’ll want to focus on magical protection, so grab an item like the Heartward Amulet. If you’re going against only one or two magical enemies, the Bulwark of Hope is another good item for magic protection.

Heartward amulet

Heartward Amulet, Bulwark of Hope


You’ll also need a mobility enhancement equipped if you want to maximize Guan Yu’s potential. Depending on your playstyle, there’re a few options. If you plan to use Guan Yu as a tank/support build, go for Reinforced Greaves. This item increases health by 150, gives +15 to your power, improves move speeds by 18%, and lowers your cooldown rate by an impressive 30%. If you want to maximize your damage dealt and tend to use techniques like Cavalry Charge more often than Conviction, Warrior Tabi is a great item for aggressive gameplay. Warrior Tabi gives +40 power while also improving move speed by 18%.

Reinforced greaves and warrior tabi

Reinforced Greaves, Warrior Tabi


By now your Guan Yu build is starting to take shape. An additional protection item like Spirit Robe or Mantle of Discord will reduce extra protection while lowering your CDR. Both items also include a passive ability, either augmenting your defense or stunning enemies after taking damage. Guan Yu does have a tendency to run out of mana pretty quickly.  So be sure to equip a relic like Meditation.  This is to give you a mana boost when you need it. Be sure to equip additional utility items as you find them – get creative!

spirit robe and mantle of discord

Spirit Robe, Mantle of Discord

With enough armor and the right items, Guan Yu can operate as the most effective tank/healer in the game.  You can take on huge amounts of damage and cycling that into his healing abilities. If you follow these guidelines and use Guan Yu correctly, you’ll quickly see just how powerful of a healer this warrior god can be.

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