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Smite Hades Build

Smite Hades Build

Compared to any other Multiplayer Online Battle Arena that you are indulged into, Smite has its different style. A defining feature of it is the use of ancient mythology gods as characters instead of any others’ fantasy based heroes.

One that filled the list is Hades: King of the Underworld, whose role is a mage like Freya, Chronos, and Zeus.

Hades abilities include:

What defines mages is that they are gods whose ranged attacks utilizes magical power to increase the effectiveness of their attacks and abilities.

His abilities include:

Blight (passive) which gives him an additional effect on his powers when attacking the enemy afflicted by this.

Death from Below in which upon descending to the ground and erupting from below at his ground location he could do damage to all enemies in the area.

Shroud of darkness which silences all enemies in a cone in front of him,

Devour Souls which consumes the souls of his enemies and dealing damage in a radius around him and if the enemy is blighted the enemy explodes affecting those nearby enemies while healing the allies.

Pillar of agony which calls all the souls of the enemy nearby and damaging them every 0.5s to 4s.

Moreover, if the enemy is blighted, he reduces their protection while gaining protection in the duration.

Like every god, Hades has its own pros and cons defined by his strengths and weaknesses. This is important to know so as to properly control the abilities of the god you are using. Moreover, knowing his weakness makes you well aware of how you would manage his strength to neutralize any hitches.

General Weaknesses:

  • Lacking the ability to withstand damage
  • Extremely squishy
  • Lacks any escape mechanic
  • Long cooldowns
  • Neutered without mana

General Strengths:

  • Could deal large amounts of damage with their abilities
  • He could dominate in early game and late game
  • His first move has great ganking potential
  • Has very good self-healing
  • Incredibly dangerous to any mages, hunters or assassins

To heighten your god character, it is necessary to equip the god you are using with proper build by gaining the necessary items. Of course, you need to get a head on with the enemies coming up your way. To help you out in utilizing the potentials of Hades, listed below are some of the builds you may want to use. Who knows, these could be one of a game changer for you.

The Leech King Hades Build

This build is motivated mainly on life-steal and sustainability. Its major advantage is that for any life-steal enthusiasts, you could dive into battles and surprise your enemies when they least expect it! This could be an amazing built once you are on more that level 15.  However, you would anticipate it is not easy to get there. However, as good as this built may seem, its downside is that it lacks any boots. Of course, Hades become slower without wearing that.


Circlet of focus, Healing Potion, Divine Ruin, Warlock’s Sash, Hide of the Nemean Lion, Chrono’s Pendant, Rod of Tahuti


The Gunslinger Hades Build

This build takes benefit of a slow start that doesn`t necessarily make use of boots and highlight on the great use of cool-down reduction.

Under this build, you may be able to do sub-builds such as quick draw using reinforced boots, Void Stone, Rod of Tahuti, Book of Thoth and Obsidian Shard, or else a click boom using reinforced boots, Warlock’s Sash, Rod of Tahuti, Book of Thoth and Obsidian Shard.


Chrono’s Pendant, Void Stone, Rod of Tahuti, Book of Thoth, Obsidian Shard, Warlock’s Sash

Whether you see Hades as one of the strongest Smite gods or not, just play it smart and I know you will love this god character. It would offer you lots of fun managing its thrilling, death-defying skills, he’s the god of the underworld after all!

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