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smite medusa build

smite medusa build

Smite is not just like any other Multiplayer Online Battle Arena that you are indulged into. A defining feature of it is the use of ancient mythology gods as characters instead of any others’ fantasy based heroes. One that filled the roster is Medusa: The Gorgon, whose role is a hunter like Neith and Artemis.

To choose a god for Smite is to know its skills and abilities. To name a few, Medusa’s skills include: Sidewinder (passive) which gives her the movement speed edge, Viper shot which gives a short rush on the attack speed and damage, Acid spray which aims in a line, Lacerate which does a good size of damage and diminishes enemy healing, and Petrify which turns enemies into statues and damaging them down.

Like every god, Medusa has strengths and weaknesses. This is important to know so as to properly control the abilities of the god you are using. Therefore, knowing its weakness makes you well aware of how you would handle its strength to compensate the flaws.

General Weaknesses:

  • Stare isn’t as competent at taking aims compared to other hunters
  • Best utility skill is also her only dependable escape
  • Her ultimate is easy to refute with actives

General Strengths:

  • She attacks without penalty
  • She can diminish enemy healing
  • Her ultimate can win her in on team fights
  • Can turn people and gods into stones

To optimize your god, it is essential to update your build often times and swiftly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a head on with the other gods you are playing against.

Don’t play the same build all the time.

It’s kinda like attacking with the same weapon on a leveled up enemy, you are left nothing but defeat.

Here are four of the popular builds of Medusa.

Medusa Kicking ASAP Build

This build gives you a good head start once you finish Ichaival. It provides a clear satisfaction mid game with pen and life steal and ends your activity with a critical strike for hitting hard.


Ninja Tabi, Icahival, Asi, The Executioner, Rage, Death bringer

Medusa Get Stoned Build

This build is jump started with a good combination of life steal and attack speed. Items you have gained in mid game supplies you penetration and start to do critical strikes. It leaves you to be a heavy good hitter and a DOT master.


Ninja Tabi, Asi, The Executioner, Rage, Death bringer, Malice

Medusa Death Rattle Build

This build somehow gives you an increased survivability on the first few games. When you load your Devourer’s gauntlet, your power and life steal will increase. In your mid game, more life steals, pen and attack speed will be consumed before you will be ending your game with strong critical strikes. Therefore, others may want to alternate the purchase order of Devourer’s Gauntlet and Ninja Tabi so as to boost the movement speed quickly.


Devourer’s Gauntlet, Ninja Tabi, Asi, The Executioner, Rage, Death bringer

Medusa Standard S2 Builds

You can use these on the more common hunter builds. These builds provide a good stability of power, life steal, critical damages or strikes and pen which a hunter should have.

Devourer’s Gauntlet, Ninja Tabi, Ichaival, The Executioner, Rage, Death bringer

Transcendence, Ninja Tabi, Asi, The Executioner, Rage, Death bringer

Interestingly, Medusa isn’t rated as one of the top strongest among the Smite row of gods.  So, this just makes knowing her skills and learning when and where to execute her abilities will make her more than just a hunter.

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