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Smite Neith Build

Neith is a Hunter! Hunter! HUNTER! You shouldn’t try to build her into something that she isn’t, like some of the weird builds floating around on the interwebs. Neith is the ancient goddess of time and the hunt in Ancient Egypt, and in your game she can do both.

In general, Neith has a powerful early game and she can burst with her Spirit Arrow (extreme!). This is more powerful than any other Hunter in the game. Surprise kills shouldn’t be a surprise. She also has good global presence and sustain, which will both help you to dominate the virtual board in your Smite chess game.

Neith isn’t strong in the late part of the game and she is really Mana-hungry, so watch out for that. Watch out for Assassin characters like Loki! She’s squishy in the middle, this Neith.




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We’ve summarized some of the older builds out there for Neith, and you can choose which one you want.

Neith Basic Build


Transcendence, Ninja Tabi, Ichaival, Qin’s Sais, Wind Demon, and Deathbringer


Based on the early game potential, you’ll need to get out on the right foot. Items you’ll need are Transcendence, Ninja Tabi, Ichaival, Qin’s Sais, Wind Demon, and Deathbringer. Those last two are critical items and currently some of the best performing items in terms of damage out there, and you’re better off with Wind Demon over Malice.

Most Popular Neith Build 2016

most-popular-neith-build-2016Transcendence, Warrior Tabi, Asi, Qin’s Sais, Deathbringer, and Short Sword


This is the most up to date one from the web. Due to recent changes in the game for season 3, old builds are not always the best. Items you’ll need: Transcendence, Warrior Tabi, Asi, Qin’s Sais, Deathbringer, and Short Sword.

The Short Sword is an interesting addition to this build, which we didn’t see in the past. We saw some really good stats out of this build, which is great for season 3. What do you think will help the most with Neith?

Neith Carry Build


You should be able to carry a team with this sweet build.

Items include Transcendence, Warrior Tabi, Asi, Qin’s Sais, Titan’s Bane, and Odysseus’ Bow.


Use the amazing power of the Hunter to carry your team to victory, but watch out for difficulties that you might have in mana.

We know that Neith eats up mana, so find ways to compensate if you can.


Don’t worry too much if you have problems with this build. You need to practice a lot. It’s difficult to play Neith, even though she is one of the basic gods in Smite. You need to have skills and work hard to get really really good.

What are some of your ways to improve your Smite skills?  Comment…

Neith Super Kill Build


This is a favorite build of those who like Neith in Smite. It is focused on attacking and looking for criticals, as soon and as often as you can. This depends on the enemy tanks and on the ways you switch your items up if necessary. Use Unraveling to heal and get a lot of early kills with the Spirit Arrow.


Items you’ll need: Ninja Tabi, Transcendence, Soul Eater, Rage, Ichaival, and Deathbringer.

Backflip is a great escape, but be cautious with your overall game. Neith built this way is an asset to any team and is a great way to further your skills in Smite. Make a build and share it with us! We’re happy to give critiques and learn more about the gods in this great game.

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  1. Bill

    I like the super kill build. I’ve used it on many occasions and it has always worked out well.

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