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Smite Ra Build

Smite Ra Build

One of the most challenging (and fun) aspects of Smite is figuring out the best builds for each of your gods. There’s hundreds of guides out there, all with their own advice on how to make the strongest build for your character. Unfortunately, most of these guides are pretty hard to read and even harder to follow. That’s why we’ve compiled this straightforward guide to a few the strongest builds you can find for Ra, the Egyptian sun-god. Are you ready?

To get the most from your character builds, it helps to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your character. The items we use in our build will compliment Ra’s top strengths do our best to make up for any weaknesses.

Ra Weaknesses

As a well-balanced character, Ra is not severely handicapped in any of his skills, though he is lacking in a few basic traits compared to some of the other free starters. Ra has pretty low utility, defense, and control. His movement is also pretty standard, but Ra’s passive ability more than makes up for this. We’ll get to that a little later.

Ra Strengths

As a solid, though not an exceptional character, Ra has two main strengths which really set him apart from the other gods. This character can deal MAJOR damage, as one of the most powerful gods in the game. Ra is also a great healer, with the rare ability to heal other teammates. Ra’s passive ability, Speed of Light, is another plus. With every ability, Ra performs his movement speed increases by 6% – for a total stack value of 18% increase in movement speed. We think these more than makes up for any other weaknesses Ra might have.

Smite Ra Builds

Now that we understand the character a bit better, let’s start talking builds. We’ll go over the two common styles of play for Ra and what we think are some of the best builds for each play type. Have any more tips, or builds of your own? Let us know in the comments.

Ra Power/Damage Build

With this impressive build, you should be able to complete the game while blasting your way through any enemy. Items like Book of Thoth will greatly increase your Magical Power, improving that already high damage rating. Relics like Sprint, along with your passive ability will boost your movement, and you’ll be cutting down minions and enemies alike in no time.

ra-power damage-build

Recommended Items: Shoes of the Magi, Book of Thoth, Chronos Pendant, Obsidian Shard, Rod of Tahuti, Soul Reaver


Recommended Relics: Purification, Sprint

Ra Healing/Support Build

With this build, we’ll focus more on Ra’s incredible healing abilities. The items we use in this build tend to improve his health and mana, giving a huge pool to use for healing. Using our recommended items, you can raise the Mana of your character by over 1000, which is super useful in a healer/support character. The Purification relic is helpful in a pinch, allowing you to get away if your health or mana runs out.

ra-healing support-build

Recommended Items: Doom Orb, Shoes of Focus, Warlock’s Sash, Soul Reaver, Rod of Tahuti, Rod of Asclepius

ra-healing support-build-relics

Recommended Relics: Purification, Sanctuary

Ra Bonus Build: Solo

One of the most fun ways to play with Ra is solo. This one is sort of a combo of the builds above, still affording massive damage while ensuring his healing factor gets the job done.


Recommended Items: Obsidian Shard, Rod of Asclepius, Chronos Pendant, Shoes of the Magi, Rod of Tahuti, Soul Reaver

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