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Smite Thor Build

Smite Thor Build

Who’s Thor?

Everyone who’s into modern Marvel movies probably already knows who Thor is. However, one of the things not many people know that’s related to Smite is that Thor is the actual first Jungler ever introduced. And from the day one he was always in top 3 best Gods for that role. So good that his hammer became a trophy awarded to Smite World Championship winners.

My build of choice for mid season 3

Starting items:
-Bumba’s Mask
-Boots (tier 1)
-3 Health Pots
-4 Mana Pots
-Purification and Meditation are my favorite starting relics for Thor. However, it’s really important to choose a relic based on enemies you’re facing.

Smite Thor Build

Starting items

There isn’t much to explain for Starting items. For a long time this wasn’t the main way to start your build but since the Power Pot ain’t available until a player reaches level 10 the starting meta favors this build.
Early-mid game:
-Warrior Tabi
-Jotunn’s Wrath
-Breastplate of Valor

Smite Thor Build

All of the items in this list are viable. Your picks should depend on your current match situation

At this stage of the game Thor is still the powerhouse. First 2 items should always be Warrior Tabi and Jotunn’s. After that you can choose between Valor or Void Shield. This pick depends on you preference for cooldown or even more power. Almost all the time I go for the Breastplate of Valor. The Void Shield is good when you’re in the lead thus making yourself even more powerful for the late game in hope of increasing that lead even more.
Late game:
-Titan’s Bane
-Bulwark of Hope
-Void Shield/Shifter’s Shield/The Crusher/Brawler’s Beat Stick (replacement for Bumba’s Mask)

Smite Thor Build

My final build in most cases

At this stage of the game Thor need to shift his play style drastically. Instead of being a dominant force he ought to became a distraction and assassin of mages and ADC’s. Thus your 5th and 6th item should be defensive ones. In some cases you can go for even more penetration making your abilities hit hard.

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