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Smite Ymir Build

Smite Ymir Build

Smite has always drawn from the legends and stories of the real world, and its rich characters and complex builds are a testament to this. Ymir, Father, and Guardian to the Frost Giants of Midgard is no different. As a guardian Ymir’s defense and control abilities are unparalleled, and since every attack he has is ice-themed, he’s a great choice for a friendly beat down, Sub-Zero style.

Ymir Abilities

Ymir is a great pick for the game, but it’s best not to choose a god without knowing his abilities. So we’ll fill you in real quick. Ymir’s best ability is arguably Frostbite, a passive ability which turns the tide of nearly every battle. When an enemy is affected by Frostbite, all of Ymir’s melee attacks will do an additional 100% damage. His most useful active ability, Ice Wall, creates a wall of ice for six seconds, directing movement and controlling the battlefield. Ymir’s three other abilities, Frost Breath, Glacial Strike, and Shards of Ice all inflict varying damage and control enemies through either slow or stun. We told you…Sub-Zero style.

General Weaknesses

Ymir has a few weakness, notably his low mobility. Make sure you’re careful when running through the jungle, or try to avoid it completely. Ymir has no healing abilities like Guan Yu, so when caught in the thick of a battle without support, you might have some difficulty. Without Frostbite, Ymir’s attack is pretty low.

General Strengths

This god excels as his namesake, the guardian. With his icy effects, Ymir’s crowd control abilities are some of the best in the game. The above-mentioned Ice Wall is great for blocking enemy attacks to your teammates, and with his stun and slow abilities, it’s hard to come out ahead against a team with a good Ymir build. His defense is also worth noting, with some even calling Ymir “unkillable.” In fact, according to Smite lore, he may already be dead…

Ymir Builds

Slow Down Ymir Build

Our favorite Ymir Build, simply due to the insanity that results from this build which emphasizes the control and slowing down of enemies. These recommended items will boost Ymir’s mana and speed, all while affording shorter cooldowns and improving crowd control of enemies.


Recommended Items: Shoes of Focus, Spectral Armor, Gem of Isolation, Ethereal Staff, Genji’s Guard, Winged Blade

Recommend Relics: Shell, Curse

Bruiser/Tank Ymir Build

When coupled with Frostbite, Ymir can actually do some heavy damage. For this build we’ll focus on giving Ymir opportunities to deal damage while complementing his high defense. Items like Hide of the Urchin will improve Ymir’s health and protection, while Book of Thoth will increase his movement and damage for additional chances to attack, dealing more damage with each ability.


Recommended Items: Book of Thoth, Genji’s Guard, Shoes of Focus, Breastplate of Valor, Polynomicon, Hide of the Urchin.

Recommended Relics: Purification, Blink

General Ymir Build

This is a high-level standard build that is a little more well-rounded than the two we’ve already suggested. All around, this may be one of the more powerful builds in the game, but lacks the play focus that other support builds might have.


Recommended Items: Shoes of Focus, Breastplate of Valor, Bulwark of Hope, Hide of the Urchin, Ethereal Staff, Winged Blade

Recommended Relics: Shell, Blink

Do you have more builds for Ymir?  Hit me up in the comments and I’ll add them to the article.

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