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Tharsis Guide

Tharsis Guide

Tharsis is a tough game to beat, hell, it’s even tough to survive more than five turns on higher difficulties. The game will send you everything it got, trying to breach your hull and give your crew a taste of what lies beyond their ship. But there are some strategies that, if applied, can get you out of hairy situations, and make Tharsis a bit easier, especially during the early turns. Let’s take a look at what you can do in order to gain some edge over the unforgiving nature of Tharsis.

Keep An Eye On Crew’s Status

Tharsis 2

During every turn, the crew will receive additional stress, could lose some health points and can be left without a die. So, before the start of every new turn, take a look at the status of each crew member so you can adapt during the next turn. If one member has extremely high-stress level, keep him for the end of the turn. Use first other members of trying to deal with problems, and if dealt with them successfully, send the high-stress one to operations compartment, where you can take care of his stress.

Try Repairing Hull During Early Turns

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Hull is more or less damaged at the start of every game in Tharsis, so try fixing the hull before dangerous events arrive. Firstly, you’ll have to take the mechanic with you into every game, since he has the ability to fix one point of hull damage if placing a five or more into the ability slot. It’s crucial to pick mechanic as a member of every party because only he can get you out of some near-the-edge situations. Also, always leave one member of your crew for the end, so if others fix problems successfully, you can send the last guy down to maintenance to try fixing the hull. and don’t forget about hull damage, because during late turns, only one unfixed problem can damage the hull enough to destroy the ship.

Beat Tharsis En Easy Difficulty A Couple Of Times, In Order To Unlock Additional Crew Members

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This is important since at least two playable characters that are unlocked from the start are pretty much useless. Make sure to unlock at least two or three new crew members so you can have higher chances of beating the game while playing on normal (or hard) mode. Some of them can’t get hurt if traveling through damaged compartments, others will give you a couple of assists (and there is always a shortage of assists), so it’s best to unlock a couple of additional characters before venturing into higher difficulties.

Grab Food At Every Chance Available

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If you manage to repair a couple of hull points during early turns, the next focus should be getting food from Greenhouse. Again, leave the member with the highest number of rolling dices for the end of the turn and if possible, try picking up some food with him.

Invest in Research

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Unused dices can be invested in research, and some rewards can be pretty usable (like additional food, the ability to automatically fix a certain amount of damage or various bonuses). Just notice that you have to put different dice values, there can’t be two of the same. The max number of points you can have at once is six (because you fill the research with dice values from one to six, like slowly building a poker hand).

Try Not To Kill A Crew Member

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Since there are just four members of the crew losing one and its dice rolls will probably mean the end of the game, even if playing on easy difficulty. It’s simple, most situations are made in a way that at least two characters have to cooperatively roll dices in order to fix the whole amount of damage. If you lose one, other three will just get more on their table than they are capable of eating, in the end facing with numerous hull breaches that will take care of the ship in no time. So, during every second of playing Tharsis, your main goal should be keeping your crew alive, no matter what. The only situation where they could get killed without serious consequences is during the last couple of turns, but only if your hull is doing extremely well and is not damaged.

That’s about it. There aren’t many strategies in Tharsis that could make an easy game, but using these will at least help you during early turns. Thanks for reading!

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