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Trials HD: Evolution – A High Octane Thriller

Trials HD: Evolution – A High Octane Thriller

Trials Evolution

Shifting over 2 million copies on Xbox Live Arcade, Trials HD was in the five best-selling games ever on Microsoft’s arcade game market. RedLynx certainly set the bar high when they created this octane-fuelled masterpiece and left themselves with the extremely difficult, seemingly impossible task of improving on near-perfection for their second Trials HD release, Trials: Evolution. Yet when released in April of 2012, it became fast-apparent to fans the world over that RedLynx hadn’t just achieved this monumental task, but had smashed it right out of the ballpark with a game bigger, faster and just better in near every sense possible.

Like its predecessor, Trials: Evolution is in an essence a physics game where you control a motorbike across a series of increasingly difficult courses. As simple as this sounds, the boys at Ubisoft and RedLynx make this far from a walk in the park. The game fast becomes a vastly exhilarating experience, hurtling you through roller-coaster tracks, sending you flying hundreds of feet into the air into loop-the-loops that offer a certain satisfaction when successfully traversed. The courses get more and more over-the-top as the game progresses, starting you out with some gentle, frustration-free jumps and climbs, slowly building to hair-tearing, blood-boiling challenges that could only have been designed in the fiery pits of Hell by the horned one himself. These later levels are seriously tough and require an abundance of determination, skill and dexterity along with slightly masochistic personality traits.


Unlike the first Trials game. Evolution features heavily on tricks and in true Trials style, these are way over-the-top and beautifully unrealistic. Spin your bike at speed in the air and maneuver yourself around your machine to quickly build up a good trick score. The game offers levels where a good knowledge and unflappable nerves are two things you will definitely need to complete.

On my first run I found myself stuck for hours on a level that required certain tricks in a certain order. This was a total nightmare for me as I had grown used to a kind of button-bashing approach that served me well until this stress-inducing point of the game. That being said, forcing me to do this mission in this highly demanding way taught me how to effectively use the trick system and helped me greatly on later courses. Such a large leap forward from only having the ability to spin the bike in pointless circles and one of the reasons Evolution is such a triumph.


Another much-needed feature is presented to us in Evolution and that’s the ability to customize your bike and indeed, your rider to great extents. Body kits and fancy wheel rims can now be purchased with an in-game currency along with helmets, bodies and limbs for your rider. The rider apparel is split up into full, matching sets but can be switched and changed according to personal taste. Separate pieces can be upgraded as you complete certain challenges offering a widely customizable experience.


Yet another new feature that turns the franchise around completely. The multiplayer element to Evolution allows you to ride side-by-side with other real players across the globe. As opposed to the milestone feature we saw in the last offering, this really is a monstrous step in the right direction.

A Final Word

I have still yet to meet a gamer that doesn’t really enjoy the crazy, dizzy heights of Trials: Evolution. It’s a game that offers a real charm right from the early stages and has dominated the lives of many purely down to its seriously addictive nature. I highly recommend anyone reading this to go forth and purchase this adrenaline junkies paradise and you will not be disappointed. Drop by Gamer Bargain for a G2A cashback coupon for a substantial discount on the Steam edition of Trials: Evolution.

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