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Ultimate Smite Gods Guide

Ultimate Smite Gods Guide

A pantheon of wickedly awesome gods at your fingertips! If you play Smite, you know that the power of the ancient gods can be fun, too. Work hard enough in the game and you’ll be able to unlock every one of the gods from myths and legends around the world, and use them to beat your enemies!

New to Smite? Look no further. This guide will really help you to up your game and get down with the gods. Throw a virtual mead hall party with your new (powerful) friends. Let us help you to make sense of the Smite gods, and we’ll throw in a few myths and legends about the gods for free. We get to talk to about Smite, you get to boost your play. Win-win.

When you get started with Smite, you’ll get the first five gods for free. They bring skills from each of the backgrounds the characters come from. Typical of online adventures of the past, each of the gods fits a certain class. There are Hunters, Assassins, Guardians, Mages, and Warriors. Drawing on their mythological stories, each of the gods also has Physical or Magical powers. Each player gets five gods that are permanently in their corner, plus a healthy rotation every Tuesday of ten more free to play gods. That means you need to know about all 80 of the possibilities to play well!

The first five gods are some of the most famous in the world: Thor, Ra, Ymir, Neith, and Guan Yu.

Let’s take a look at those guys in more detail, and then we’ll tackle the bigger groups of gods!


Smite Thor Build


He’s a lean, mean, thunder machine. This Norse god is well-known because of his appearances in Marvel movies, but the Smite version is closer to the Thor of myth and legend. Physical power plus melee equals devastating assassin for this character.

True to his roots as a wayward uber-muscled son of Odin, this god is hard to control. He gains power quickly in the battle arena by buffing (literally) himself up for every enemy god that nears him. Thor rages along with his famous hammer and the truly Viking ability to go “berserk,” dealing out death while immune. Unlock achievements through feats of badassery like landing on three or more enemies at once (Dunkmaster).

Check out our Smite Thor Build


neigh smite godNeith

The first of all goddesses in the Egyptian stories, Neith weaves the patterns of Fate. Only she can see the threads of the pattern, and she works day and night to keep the souls of the dead passing from life into the underworld. Neith was said by Egyptians to be the original Huntress of the world, teaching all humans how to feed ourselves with bows and arrows.

In Smite, Neith is a ranged Hunter class, with physical power. She is considered easy to control and awesome for crowd control situations. Her bow can be used to hit many enemies without reloading. When you activate Smite, you’ll get to practice in the tutorials with Neith. She’s a good teacher!


Another Egyptian god is one of the first free five (we like to call them the Triple Fs). Ra is the ancient god of the sun, which can both nourish and burn you to a crisp. Ra is a Mage in Smite, and his magical power has great range. He is a good place to start branching out for new players since he is harder to control than Neith but much easier than Thor.

Ra’s attacks and powers are pretty sweet; he can make himself move faster and faster with “Speed of Light” or calling down the power of the Sun itself with his “Searing Pain” blast. It’s a fireball as hot as the Sun. Boom!

Smite Ra Build


smite-god-guan-yuGuan Yu

Stories of Guan Yu are very popular in China even today. When visiting, you will definitely see his statues all over the place. You might have seen a picture of a grandmother in Shanghai last year, bowing in front of a statue of this god. It turned out the statue was an advertisement for Smite! I guess that she knew how awesome this character is and wanted to show her respects.

You don’t have to bow on the ground to Guan Yu (unless you want to, and if you do please send us a picture!). His physical strength is perfect for the Warrior class, and he is epic in a melee. Not too hard, not too easy, but just Goldilock’s to control. Guan Yu is highly mobile and all of his abilities are useful. He can summon his warhorse at will and ride around smashing heads in. Extra points if you hit other characters on the dismount.

See our Guan Yu Build



Not technically a god. What? I thought that this Smite thing was a god game! I’m out!

No, no. Ymir is the giant whose body parts were made of the Earth, according to Norse mythology. A frost giant, he is said to have been an evil primeval being. Odin and his brothers killed him and cut him into little pieces.

But in Smite, Ymir is resurrected. No word on what that means for lowly mortals in the non-magical realm (massive earthquakes? Whole continents disappearing?), but he is a powerful Guardian character with magical melee abilities. The Father of the Frost Giants controls the ice to aim it at enemies, using Ice Wall, Glacial Strike, and the epic Shards of Ice. In that one, Ymir freezes himself for three seconds and then explodes outward to hit all enemies in range. Deadly sweet destruction, dudes.

Smite Ymir Builds

Where To Start In Smite

The first five gods that all Smite players get are a great start for the game. Guan Yu and Thor, in particular, will really kick some opposing butt once you master the basics, and the others are useful for building your skills in the Smite World.

Once you get playing and hopefully start winning a little more than losing, you can move on to the general groups of gods that make up the rest of the world. To get the 75 other gods that you know you want (you know you want them!), you need to build up Favor. Get Favor to spend in the game by completing tasks and tutorials, winning games, and just by logging in. Yup. Even if you don’t feel up to conquering the world with epic gods of ancient lore on a particular day, if you log into Smite you can collect a growing amount of favor up to 450 per day!

If you’re the impatient type and you’ve got a little spare cash, you can convert your mortal money into Gems. These gems sell for up to 149.99 USD, and you can use them to unlock gods or purchase Items. Gems can also be earned, but fairly slowly, without spending your money. When Smite calls itself Free to Play, they mean it.

The upside of the gems? You can buy any god for 200 of them, regardless of how much Favor it would normally cost. This is great for the newest gods in the game, which always cost more than the regular ones.

General Pantheons

Now let’s get into the Pantheons of gods that you can unlock. As of this month, there are 80 gods that you can unlock and play within the game. Pantheons are the groups of gods from a specific culture. In this game, there are eight. Japanese, Hindu, Mayan, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Norse, and Chinese. Let’s get down to business.

Japanese Pantheon

The newest of the pantheons for Smite was released just last December. The gods and goddesses have the honorary title of “Kami,” which would just translate as “lofty being.” Japanese gods in Smite are Amaterasu, Raijin, Susano, and the newest character in the game, Izanami.

Surprisingly, only one of the Japanese gods could be considered an Assassin. The small group already has big differences, with a Hunter, Mage, and Warrior all being part of the team. More on Izanami later in the newest characters section.

Hindu Pantheon

In old Hindu stories, this is just one universe of the many many many (MANY) that will come to be. All the gods are different manifestations of the divine, Lord Brahma. Actual Hindus believe that there are at least 330 MILLION gods and goddesses for them to worship, and it’s possible to create new ones as needed. Thank the 330 million that Smite only has seven. Whew!

The seven are some of the most important Hindu gods, though. Kali is the goddess of destruction and as a player in Smite, you can turn her into a whirlwind of destruction with her Ultimate skill. She cannot be killed at that time, and will even heal back up to 15% health when she finishes laying waste to all enemies in the area.

The other Hindu Pantheon gods are a balance of different classes, with two brothers in the mix. Ravana and Kumbhakarna don’t get along as well as you might think, but then, one of them has lost his head ten times. The gods in this group are Agni, Bakasura, Kali, Kumbhakarna, Rama, Ravana, and Vamana.

Mayan Pantheon

The only group of gods from the New World in Smite are every bit as creepy, powerful, and witty as those of the Old World. Legend has it that these gods were skilled at the Mayan ballgame that was creatively named “Ball Game.” The creator god lost a game to another early on.Too bad that the penalty for losing was death!

Luckily for you, Smite is not to the death (except for the gods, I guess). The Mayan gods will work with you to keep the corn cycle going and use their unique powers to show off their beautiful colorful game skins. Seriously, we’re so distracted by the lovely Awlix in her feathered headdress. Lucky she has a panther to protect her!

The Mayan pantheon has Ah Muzen Cab, Ah Puch, Awlix, Cabrakan, Chaac, Hun Batz, Kukulkan, and Xbalanque. That last one is pretty awesome since anytime he kills another god he gains permanent physical power. Harder, better, stronger, faster!

Egyptian Pantheon

Boom, Egypt! These gods are powerful and more than a little scary. Ancient Egyptians had some messed up legends that we would really think are weird today (Holy crap! You married your dead brother?!). In smite, these gods are worth a lot.
The male gods of this group are Anhur, Anubis, Geb, Khepri, Osiris, Ra, and Sobek. The lovely female ones are Bastet, Isis, Neith, and Serqet. All of them have intriguing powers that run through them like water down the Nile. Watch out for Isis! She’s a real crowd controller with entrancing Ultimate abilities.

Norse Pantheon

Ring the bells of Valhalla’s mead hall! The Norse gods are mysterious and powerful, even if their stories don’t always make full sense. The AllFather, Odin, commands attention. But his family extends to beautiful Freya and Hel, and the tricky Loki. Skadi balances Sol’s crazed brightness, and Tyr is a fearless warrior to round out your gods.
Fafnir, Fenrir, Ratatoskr, Ymir, Ullr, and Thor are the other gods in this pantheon. One of the best parts about Smite is how curious it will make you about the myths of these gods. Norse Myths are weird and wonderful. You’ll be sure to love them!

Roman Pantheon

Not the widest group, but one of the strongest. I mean, this pantheon has Hercules. Game over.
The Roman gods are strong and stoic, like the people who created the giant Roman Empire. Bachus knows how to party, and he can take drinks from his jug throughout a game to gain more and more power as he gets completely Smashed on wine. Sylvanus is known for being one of the weirdest gods in Smite, with tree-like patience and rooted attacks that don’t always seem to do much.
The other gods are Bellonia, cutey Cupid, Janus, Mercury, Nox, Terra, and Vulcan. We’ll get into more detail about some of them later.

Greek Pantheon

This is the very largest of the pantheons. The Greeks just did not mess around with their gods, and neither does Smite. This pantheon is killer. Fifteen beauties ready to kick the butts of anyone in their way.

Big bad Zeus is a major player in this group, with the ability to bring a massive lightning storm if P.O.’d. Chronos controls time, Hades the Underworld, and Medusa has that sweet snake updo. Make sure you save that one for a special occasion on Pinterest!
The other gods in this group have a range of abilities and range from the “cute” Scylla to deft Artemis and curvy Aphrodite. Chiron is a slightly less-well-known god, but good for the melee. Apollo, Arachne, Ares, Athena, Nemesis, Poseidon, and Thanatos round out the group.

Let’s get a bit deeper into some of the Greek Gods that you’ve probably heard of.


Incredibly patient Chronos hates fast movements. He isn’t afraid of pain, war, death because he is a time and can overcome everything.

Chronos has the following skills: 1) Wheel of Time 2) Time Rift 3) Accelerate 4) Stop Time 5) Rewind.



The eldest son of the Titan Cronus and Rhea, Hades, he was captured by his own father when he was a kid. Only his younger brother Zeus made Hades free. Then all kids put Cronos in Tartaros. Then, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon shared everything and Hades became a God of the underworld.

When Hades wanted to have a wife . He chose Persephone, the daughter of the Goddess Demeter. He kidnapped her and Demeter became very angry and she sends an awful famine and made people all over the world suffer. Gods asked her to stop it but Demeter said that she won’t stop until her daughter will be free again. Hades let her go but before it, he made her eat pomegranate seeds, it made her return to the underworld once a year. People say that this period is called winter.

Hades has the following skills: 1) Blight 2) Death from Below 3) Shroud of Darkness 4) Devour Souls 5) Pillar of Agony.


Poseidon a proud God of the Sea who was tired to live in the shadow of his brother Zeus. What could do Poseidon in this situation? He could be only grateful for saving from his father Cronos.

Poseidon never dreamed of greatness as Zeus did. And now he controls violent waves with lots of sea creatures and angry Kraken.

Poseidon has the following skills: 1) Changing Tides 2) Tidal Surge 3) Trident 4) Whirlpool 5) Release the Kraken!


Scylla is a real horror for seas and all salesmen. There were no ships that can pass through the sea without her permission. Someone who had an opportunity to see her tell frightening stories about huge black tentacles with dog heads that can destroy any ship.

Writers tried to describe Scylla. Writing that once she was beautiful but something happened and she became a real monster. But ancient poems say that she is a result of anger and jealousy that all Gods had.

Scylla has the following skills: Quick Learner, Sic’Em, Crush, Sentinel, and I’m a Monster.


Zeus is a supreme God. Zeus always had such qualities as justice and honesty. When Zeus was born his mother hide him from Cronos. When Zeus grew up and became strong enough to fight with Cronos, made his brothers and sisters free. Zeus also gave freedom all creatures which were captured by Cronos, They were so grateful and gave Zeus an ability to control thunders.

But Zeus is a very fickle God. When he is sad people can’t see a clear sky, that’s why if you want to have a good weather, you should care about Zeus’ mood.

Now you know everything about Greek pantheon of heroes. Read all information once again and think which story attracts you the most.


Chinese Pantheon

The last of the pantheons are the powerful Chinese group. Guan Yu is the permanent one from this group, but there are eleven more. Ao Kuang, Chang’e, Erland Shen, He Bo, Hou Yi, Jing Wei, Ne Zha, Nu Wa, Sun Wukong, Xing Tian, and Shong Kui are all available for your playing pleasure. Chang’e and Nu Wa are both beautiful, but deadly. Jing Wei looks like she’d be a really cute kiddo, but watch out for her Air Strike!
The Chinese gods are some of the most ancient and should be taken quite seriously. You’ll be lucky when you get them on free rotation!

Top performers

So now you know all the 80 gods in Smite, right? Ok, go!
Just kidding. You still need to understand more about the top performing gods in the game to make the most of your playtime. Some of the gods have powers that feed off others, and some seem to fall a little tiny bit flat. Some have come down hard on Odin. Poor Odin!

Let’s talk about the best performers on Smite since you’ll need a lot of help to get started.

Smite Artemis God BuildArtemis

Not known for being a S+ goddess, but she’s up there for beginners. This goddess is a Hunter class, and that means you’ll really need to aim well. Unlike some of the Hunters, Artemis is known to be a good “Starter Hunter,” even though you’ll need to take into account aiming every time you use her abilities. Make sure you work on this and consider getting an online buddy to help train you.

Smite Artemis Build

smite-god-sun-wukongSun Wukong

Monkey friends, unite! This monkey king is known for being a “squisher” in a melee, and he has a great escape quality if you can time it right. Watch out for positioning and get your butt in gear when you feel it’s time. He is accessible and easy to work with for someone who is a true newb to this type of game.

Smite Sun Wukong Build


The top of the top, according to most players. Athena kicks a lot of butt for a wise woman. She’s valuable for any team, and can work in combination with a lot of different gods. Use her Taunt to help you, and her crowd control tactics will kick in as well. The only problem is possibly that she’s hard to master as a goddess, and that makes some sense given her mythological background. Make sure you know what you’re in for this time!


Super annoying, this guy. Makes your enemies groan with “Oh, not Ratatoskr!” He’s a mean little assassin, with deadly strength. He works well as a Jungle character on any team. Lucky for you that he’s easy to learn. Find a way to get onto a really strong team with this character and show your meddle!


smite-god-ao-kuangAo Kuang

As far as damage goes, we choose this Chinese badass. He’s tough, strong, and makes his enemies fall down with lots of stopping power. Get through the tough training period with him and he’ll be an asset to any team. It might work out even if you’re a newb…beginner’s luck, right?



A general well-rounded character with tons of skill. Medium difficulty and there are lots of guides to help you optimize him online. The best part? He’s fun to play! Get in there and fight with the one you know you want.




According to most players, those are the best characters for August 2016. September will be a shake-up, though, and maybe some of the newest characters will come to be prominent in the S+ Tiers. Athena could always fall from grace!
Let’s get down with the newest releases for Smite. When you finish this section, you’ll be a true expert on the game. You ready?

Five most recent Releases


Release Date: August 30, 2016
This god is from the Japanese Pantheon. Basically, she’s a Zombie Queen. Betrayed by her husband and left for dead (re-dead? She was already a bit dead…), Izanami in folklore takes 1000 souls per day to the Underworld. In Smite she is an average Hunter, with some interesting characteristics like the ability to Fade Away and become stealth. She can also summon dark portals and silence all enemies in range.


Release Date: August 2, 2016
The mother of Earth, Terra is a high area damage queen whose abilities are hard to master. She conjures standing stones all around her when she uses her abilities and she is able to channel strength into the entire world as well. An Earth Mama who kicks butt, too? Sign me up.

Erlang Shen

Release Date: July 6, 2016
A dragon-fighter with strong melee skills, this god is an asset to many teams that were lacking in the smashing department. After his release in July, there were a few small problems with the build, but those who played him and stuck with it were able to tease out the best build for the character. Now he’s available to those who have some experience with Smite, but maybe not for the first-time players.


Release Date: June 7, 2016
A Norse Pantheon god, Fafnir is not faffing about! Known as one of the most playable gods in the game, he is able to use both magical abilities and strength. The best builds are still evolving for him, but he’s known for being easy to win with. Make sure you use Cursed Strength to slow enemies down.


Release Date: May 10, 2016
Who wouldn’t want the ability to summon a Typhoon on command? Susano is a great character for a new player, and he has unparalleled abilities. The Typhoon, in particular, is awesome, since it can be activated more than once in a row! After a few months, this character is well-settled into the arena and easy to master. Get going!

There you have it, folks. The ultimate guide to starting out in Smite. What questions about the gods do you have? Would you want to see these gods’ myths and legends? Tell us about it in the comments. We’re ready to do battle out there when you are!

All these scenes cause a reaction like “Wow!” “Great!” and then we play again and again to see it one more time, Not only to see to become a participant in these amazing actions.

Super economy

Developers made everything to reduce periods of your hero improvement. In contrast to the classical genre, you don’t have to kill computer soldiers to receive gold for it. In this game, money receives all players who occurred near the killed soldier, but you will receive more if you killed the soldier yourself. It is great for all players because due to it gamers have practically the same amount of money. If earlier support players (who tried to let someone else kill a soldier ) always were at the end of the list and now the situation has changed. Support players are also able to buy new equipment and artificial. You can buy anything only in the shop. In the shop everything is simple, you can find something you need very quickly. Some goods improve your health, some improve the defense from physical or magic damage, some goods increase attacks speed.

Sometimes everything is too simple. On our, hero’s damage depends only on one characteristic and it is a force. Wizard-heroes have magic force and warriors have physical force. You should remember that wizards can’t buy goods for physical development and warriors can’t buy goods for magic development. It is a very serious disadvantage and it doesn’t let us have some experiments and wizards from warriors and warriors from wizards. Don’t be sad because developers promised to correct it, we can just wait until it will be improved.

Blood for the God of blood

When we talk about Smite regimes we can say that it is #1 among all other competitors. The first regime is classical. Here you can find two teams, 5 players in each team, two bases, three roads and forest with neutral monsters. This regime is called “Conquer” and from all others, it differs a bit because a map isn’t square, in this regime it is oblong. Also, we can find regime “Joust”. In this regime you can have only fast battles in, map in this regime is smaller. But for players who don’t want any towers or trees in the map, there is a regime “Arena”. This regime lets you have team battles. By the way, regime “Arena” was used on the official tournament, so it is rather popular among players.

The business model of Smite is practically similar to League of Legends. Here you can find free Gods. It is very comfortable but each time you will have different God, you can’t have permanent God for free. If you want to have a permanent and personal God you should buy it either with real money or money which you will receive after battles. With real money you can also buy some goods but not all things you need. That’s why Smite differs from League of Legends because some goods you can buy only for money you receive after battles. Here Smite has one important advantage: once you pay 30$ you have access to all Gods that are currently in the game and that will be added in future. League of Legends doesn’t offer such opportunity.

To be or not to be

You’ve got a lot of information, so I hope your brain didn’t blow up. Anyway, all this information was only to make a final decision: is the game worth your attention or not. To clarify everything and to make a final decision we should make a list of advantages and disadvantages then we will analyze results and will make our final decision! I hope you liked this plan, so let’s start! As an optimist, I would like to start with advantages.

Reasons for

1) A unique and interesting conception. This conception lets you be a part of the magic and very interesting world

2) This game is ideal for myths lovers. If from the childhood your favorite book was” Ancient Greece myths” then my congratulations, you received a unique opportunity to be transported to the myths’ world.

3) Perfect quality. This game has really an outstanding quality with HD graphics, premium sound quality. You will be able to see your hero in every detail.

4) Various regimes. Various regimes that can satisfy your any preferences from the classical regime to the “Arena” regime.

5) A very good business model. As I’ve told you here you can use any hero you want for free.

Actually, there are a ton more advantages, but I decided to outline the most important ones. Now let’s turn to the next part and have a look at disadvantages.

Reasons against

1) It isn’t a brand new game. Despite it has an original conception, it reminds me Dota so so much.

2) You can choose only magic or only physical skills. A lot of gamers want to experiment and to combine different skills.

3) You can’t have a permanent hero for free. You should pay 30$ to have a permanent hero, for free your heroes will be changed each time.

We’ve outlined main features and now I think we are ready for the final decision. To be or not to be? Actually, this game should be in the gaming market. Despite the main idea of the game isn’t new, it was developed and now we can see a very interesting and catchy plot. Rising popularity of this game shows us that despite some mistakes this game has already conquered a lot of fans and attracted new gamers. Don’t miss the moment and try this game. And I hope developers will improve it and in the next version, we won’t be able to find any disadvantage!

The only thing why we can worry about Smite is that we know the fate of all games that have been before (Global Agenda and Tribes: Ascend). Both games were rather good and had a lot of fans but these games required a little support. Developers didn’t support these games and solve all problems only with help of the next project. I hope that Hi-Rez won’t act so with Smite.

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