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What I think of Nintendo’s Future

What I think of Nintendo’s Future

Nintendo Switch, with an entirely new concept which made even the pundits predict a twist in console gaming, will be out on 2017. Nintendo’s trying hard to take over the gaming industry for more than a few years. We all would have played Super Mario, which we could call as ‘the father of games’, is now under Nintendo. As is many other blockbuster titles.

super mario xbox one

Super Mario Run

A bit about Nintendo..

Nintendo was the company behind today’s successful video games. They created Super Mario Bros and they were the one who made it possible for us to enjoy the beautiful Legend of Zelda games and they are the one going to outsmart portable gaming industry. They were holding the throne till the PlayStation 2 era, where Sony made third-party games to be available on their console. This was no simple difference between the two as Sony got more titles than Nintendo at that time.

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But still then Nintendo held on its concept of giving their qualified and certified first-party exclusives, even after the two great gaming consoles, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, entered the market.

Nintendo released the Wii then with less hardware power than its competitors and also gaining a major success. You could ask how? Because of their exclusives. The classics like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong all served well with it. People started buying Wii along with a PS3 or Xbox 360 just to enjoy Nintendo’s titles.


Then heavy games like Grand theft Auto V and The Last of Us started coming in. But the Wii, with less power, couldn’t handle these games while the other two consoles did. When the time went on to the next-generation of gaming, we expected a new Nintendo with more power, that could at least stand upon the next Xbox and PlayStation. But Wii U, made everyone confused as people started searching what’s the big deal between Wii and Wii U. Both looked the same and almost had the same power. The large title recently released for Wii U is Watch Dogs, which by the standards of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is not that heavy on graphics. Yet Watch Dogs suffered lagging issues and large frame rate drops on Wii U.

So where is it going..

Even with these criticisms, Nintendo had its buyers for their exclusives on Wii U. These exclusive titles are the basement on which the company now stand. But now Microsoft is trying to implement one of Nintendo’s best exclusive series, the Super Mario, on the Xbox One. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, recently talked about his view on Super Mario on Xbox platform and it seems like it might happen. Microsoft had served them with one of their amazing exclusives, Minecraft, to appear on Nintendo’s console and they both have a friendlier attitude towards each other as Nintendo wished Xbox on its 15th anniversary.

But what we should be noticing is that, most people today buy Nintendo’s console just for their exclusives and most of them just for their specific series like Super Mario and Legend of Zelda, while they still own Xbox One or PS4 for heavy titles. But what if Super Mario appear on Xbox One? Then those who buy Nintendo console for Mario would stop using it. Who wants another console for Mario if we could play it on Xbox One which provides extra power for great games in 4K and HDR?

super mario xbox one

Mario and Xbox?

I am not saying Super Mario would definitely appear on Xbox One as most probably Nintendo would reject this, but knowing that Microsoft had provided one of their exclusives, they deserve a return too. But if at all anything like that would happen, then its sure that Nintendo’s sales would go down more. Even the Switch won’t be able to handle such a loss. Also we don’t really know how we could adapt with Switch’s concept and it is not aiming for 4K or HDR while its rival Sony released its new PS4 Pro and Microsoft is readying its Project Scorpio for next year. All making more doubts for Nintendo’s future and how it copes up when people start using VR more.

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Maybe this would not happen at all, maybe Mario don’t even come to Xbox One, but if something like that happens then please do remember my prediction.

What do you think of Nintendo’s future? Do you think Mario will appear on Xbox One? Fill it out in the comments below..

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