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World of Tanks – T26E5 Patriot First Look

World of Tanks – T26E5 Patriot First Look

Usuall Introduction words

T26E5 Patriot is the latest premium add on to the American tank family. At its core T26E5 is a combination of a popular T32 and premium Pershing iteration. This of course meants that it’s a tier 8 tank, in class of heavy tank line but with some great medium tank characteristics. Officially it’s not in the live version of the game on the EU server but we should expect it soon. As T26E5 is an premium tank all the benefits connected with that tag are there. The Patriot is an excellent credit maker as well as a crew trainer.

Basic tank stats


DPM: 2085.7
Damage: 240/240/320
Penetration: 230/259/45mm
Rate of Fire: 8.69
Reload: 6.904s
Accuracy: 0.36
Aim Time: 2.21
Elevation/Depression: +20°/-10°
View Range: 390m
The firepower is the biggest highlight of this tank. It has the best DPM out of any tier 8 American tank and even better DPM when compared to some other tier 8 tanks. The gun is punchy and capable of dealing with the heavies armoured tanks in the game. This tank does not have a premium match making so do expect to meet quite a few tier 10 tanks. However, you do have to trade something in for this hell of a DPM bonus. This time that’s alpha damage. It’s only 240 as this is one of the lowest alphas in this tier and class.

t26e5 patriot

Meh, that gun won’t frighten anyone


Engine Power: 704 (Up from 500)
Weight: 46.402 tons
Power to Weight: 15.17
Max Speed: 40.2km/h – 15km/h
Hull Traverse: 30°sec
Turret Traverse: 26.1°sec
Terrain Resistances:
Hard: 1,151
Medium: 1,342
Soft: 2,589
Unlike the last reviewed premium French tank, The Liberte, this tank doesn’t shift that well. However, it’s still hell of a faster than his non-premium counterpart, the T32 and a lot more agile than the Super Pershing. It can certainly hold its ground when compared to other tier 8 heavies that are not made in Soviet Uniun or France.

t26e5 patriot

It’s surprisingly low profiled


HP: 1500
Hull Armor: 152.4/76.2/50.8mm
Turret Armor: 190.5/101.6/127mm
Armour wise this is slighly modified version of T32. Turret ain’t quite bouncy like on T32 or even T29 but it will be quite challenging to penetrate this thing when hull down and facing you. Hull armour ain’t that good but like on T32 it can be exremelly troolish and aggrovating.

My thoughts

All in all T26E5 Patriot is an interesting and in my honest opinion balanced premium addition to the game. Like I already mentioned it does make quite a lot of credits and it has 5 seated crew so expect a lot of training to be made in this tank. I really can’t say if this tank is worth it for you but in my opinion if you already own T34 or any other premium that you can make a good credit income with, then you can probably give this tank a pass. If you’re really interested in getting a premium tank these days, then I suggest you to go and read our last Tank Review article and consider giving your French crew some love as Liberté is in my opinion a better tank overall.

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