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EA Access on Xbox One Review

EA Access on Xbox One Review
Everything has its perk..

As I have used EA Access subscription for more than an year, I must say that its a very tasteful feature for a guy like me. Because I adore the FIFA series so much that I bought every FIFA game released each year. But when the next installment releases I’ll dumb the previous disk or not even remember it at all. But with EA access, I only need to pay $29.99 an year and I’ll get every FIFA game even the latest installment, after two or three months from release, so that I don’t need to buy every one of them for $60 and dump it when the next installment arrives.

Before continuing further let me briefly tell you what really is EA Access. EA Access is a subscription service from Electronic Arts for Xbox One which gives the user some neat benefits. With this service, we can try upcoming EA titles before others, expand our library of games and can save 10% on buying new EA games.


The Vault further explained

Not only FIFA you’ll now be able to experience about 34 games for free including Titanfall, Dragon Age Inquisition, Madden series, UFC, Need For Speed and more as the list is expanding at a great speed. Once you get the subscription you can download the games from the EA Access Hub through Xbox One. The free games are put in a separate section called ‘The Vault’ which recently included Mirrors Edge: Catalyst and Star Wars: Battlefront. Once downloaded, you can play the game like you own them. But you need Xbox Live Gold subscription to enjoy the multiplayer options and you should buy other DLCs if you want them too.

the vault

The ever-expanding Vault

You can play the game for free till the EA Access subscription gets expired. Your save data will be there unless you delete them, even after the subscription gets expired so that you can continue from where you left off after renewing the subscription.

So what else?

If you are a launch date buyer, EA Access offer its users a 10% discount on buying new EA titles digitally. Even if its not a big deal, you will be able to save a lot while buying multiple EA games. I play FIFA 16 on my Xbox One through The Vault program and I got 10% loyalty cashback for FIFA 17 as I am a FIFA 16 user. Do note the fact that I am also getting another 10% for being a member of EA Access and that makes it a total of 20% which I could spend out on other games or DLCs. Discounts are available for EA DLCs too, so in a way, it is a great saving.

Play upcoming games

Another important feature is that it allows us to try all upcoming EA games ten days prior to release. This is not as a traditional demo type, as it allows us to experience the game completely for these ten days. Unlike a demo, our save data for these trial would be saved and can continue playing it after these ten days, if purchased.

Xbox only subscription?

EA approached both Sony and Microsoft for this subscription service. But Sony rejected it by making a statement that its invaluable. But Microsoft on the other side, welcomed it with both hands and this made EA to make the program as exclusive for Xbox One. Even now, PS4 users urge to get this service on their consoles but EA responded that it will stick with Xbox for now or at least for a long time.

A similar subscription was launched for the Windows platform, making it a Microsoft exclusive program, named Origin Access. Origin Access offers similar features but for now their Vault has less number of games than Xbox One. Also, some of the Xbox 360 games such as Dead Space and original Plants vs Zombies were also added to the program marking that more of such titles would be available.



EA Access or Origin Access offers free ten days trial for upcoming games, about 35 games for free and a nice amount of discount to its users. It is a valuable program, if you love playing EA games which I do because of some great games like Battlefield, Need For Speed, FIFA and other sports titles. Unravel is another exceptional game you could get out of this subscription for free and there is no doubt that FIFA 17, Battlefield 1 and other great new games would be added to this library within three-four month span.

EA also offers two payment modes, $10 for a month and $30 for an year. The one month plan is not a great take as you could not experience the service completely and I would recommend to take the full year subscription because some of the vault games size more than 40GB and you would need time for downloading that. Also, sharing your account with your friend will also allow him to experience the service without additional cost, making it a less costly way to play multiplayer.

So do you need to buy EA Access? Yes you should, if you love playing EA or EA Sports titles and intend to buy their next installments.

Do you think we missed anything from EA Access? Is it a valuable option according to you? Spread it out in the comments below..


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