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Heroes of The Storm Beginners Guide

Heroes of The Storm Beginners Guide

Nowadays, MOBAs are very popular in the gaming community. They’re complex to learn and are a perfect environment for eSports players developing, but, once you conquer their learning curve, they can be really fun, especially when played with some friends.
Some MOBAs are easier to learn than the others. DotA and LoL are the most famous and the most difficult.

However, there is an alternative, and that alternative is called Heroes of the Storm, and, if you’re going to pick it up now, here are a couple of pointers for all the newbies out there.

In Heroes of the Storm, there are four predominant hero roles. Each role has a predominant playstyle and what kind of job they excel at. Let’s take a look at them.

HoTs Hero Roles


Warriors are the toughest heroes in HoS with the highest hit points and highest armor values. Their predominant role involves initiating team fights and being the vanguard for their team. They’re there to take the biggest hits and protect their team from damage.

They don’t usually deal that much damage (though they can, with the right build), but they have access to a number of disabling abilities, such as stuns and knockbacks.

They can also “body block”, meaning they can stop melee heroes from reaching their teammates, or block the enemy hero from escaping.


Assassins are glass cannons. They deal an overwhelming amount of damage, but they’re very squishy and will
die quickly if focused.

They’re the main damage dealers, so they have to take care not to die first, as their team won’t have the damage output to contest with the enemy team. Assassins can be ranged or melee heroes, a distinction that can be regarded as a kind of a subdivision.

Ranged assassins are even squishier than melee heroes, but they have the added advantage of having a ranged attack, while the melee assassins usually employ a dash or a blink as an escape mechanic or as a means to close distance quickly.

Assassins shouldn’t be involved in prolonged fights but should burst down enemy heroes before retreating.


Support heroes are pretty much self-explanatory – they’re here to provide support, assistance, and relief for
their team.

Traditionally, this means they’re supposed to heal the rest of the team, but a support’s role doesn’t only entail this role. Supports have access to many buffs and debuffs, as well as disabling spells, stuns and silence spells that can increase the effectiveness of your team and hamper the enemy team.

They don’t deal much damage and cannot fight 1 on 1, but they excel in team fights.


Specialist heroes are unique to HoTs, and the most complex. These heroes aren’t fighters, though they can be.
Instead of dealing damage to enemy heroes by auto-attacking or dealing ability damage, they use their abilities to deal “siege damage”.

Siege damage is all the damage dealt to towers and minions in the game.

Specialists use their abilities to take down enemy towers and forts, and can often solo push the lane, even if they’re facing two opposing heroes.

Let’s keep it simple, Dying sucks

Dying is very, very bad. Most beginners in the game tend to focus on the attacking part of the gameplay and go in blindly to kill the enemy, and in the process forget that they have a health bar too that goes down with every hit they take. But hey! It’s just me dying.

No one’s affected if I’m bad. If that’s how you think, you’re not just bad, you’re wrong too. A lot of newbies don’t understand the consequence of dying and how it affects the game as a whole.

So, I hope this article will help shed some light on why you shouldn’t play with your life like that and preserve meeting lady death, only to respawn and have a date with her again. Dying is possibly one of the worst thing that you can do in the game.

Let’s get one thing straight, you don’t usually die because your tank didn’t help or your jungler didn’t get ganks, even so people turn to blame the healer for not healing but most of the times it’s no one else’s fault but your own. It was you who dispositioned in the lane or overextended.

Aggression can kill

Maybe you were too aggressive and didn’t notice the tower shooting away at you, which ultimately led to your untimely demise.

So, the first thing you need to do as a Heroes of the Storm player is to stop for a moment and think why you died rather than firing up the chat box and calling your team noobs. That’s not how you make friends! Think about why you died, and what you can do to avoid dying the next time.

That’s how you will learn the game. Think about it, when you die, you feed the enemy. Feeding the enemy gives them advantage over levels and gold and makes them stronger with every kill they get. That’s just not your doom, but your teammates pay the price as well.

Think what will happen if your fed enemy went to other lanes and killed your other teammates. It won’t be their fault because they are not equipped to fight a fed enemy.

Enemey loves you dying

It’s simple. STOP. FEEDING. THE. ENEMY! Secondly, when you’re dead, your team is one man down, that means the enemy team has a man extra which is an advantage to them.

That puts your team under pressure to cover for you and the enemy gets more time to push.


Time allows the losing team to catch up and turn the game around. Untimely objectives can destroy your game even if you’re leading.

So, don’t let your team pay the price for your mistakes, because they do and no one likes it. By now you must know that there is a tanky player in every team called the warrior. It is the warrior’s responsibility to engage into team fights and dictate the outcome of the fight itself. Don’t rush in blindly in a fight when you know the team is losing the fight.

You’re not a Spartan, and this isn’t 300. Stop it, because you’re not invincible. If your warrior pings you to fall back, please fall back and don’t feed the enemy.

A warrior takes damage for you so that the team can get to safety and he does that simply because he can, but if you let him die and die with him, it’ll all be just an utter waste. Don’t waste someone’s life, that the worst thing you could do!




Winning Heroes of Storm can be sweet but losing it can be terrible, unless of course your one of those gamers who is considered to be cannon fodder by your team mates and losing has already become part of your life.

At the end of the day, all you got to say is: “Without losers, how can there be winners?”

If you are tired, hopefully so, of this kind of gaming strategy that is to embrace the loser’s role, then let me give you a few tips to get those winning percentages up and start playing to win! Booya!

I have here is a breakdown of the HoTS Laning Video which can give us a slight edge in winning this team game.


Before we go on, I would like to remind you that this is a crucial aspect of the early part of the game that will
eventually lead to victory. This is the reason why the first phase of the game is considered to be the laning phase.

Laning is a strategy you can use in Heroes of Storm wherein your team makes sure that you have someone in the lane when an enemy minion dies. Each time an enemy minion dies, you have to be in the general area to absorb it’s xp. You don’t have to attack the minions.

There is no specific measurement as to how wide this area is but rough estimates are around half a screen away or within the site radius of your warrior.


It is therefore important that your team make sure that someone is in each lane absorbing xp. In every team game, there are five heroes on your team and three lanes. You just need to assign three of your team mates on each lane and to remind them never to leave their post.

But if there is no one in a lane and enemy minions are dying there, then your team is forfeiting xp. Two from your team are then free to roam around, do the nasty stuff, capturing mercenary camps and whatever the hell they want.

There may be some instances when you need to leave the lane you are fighting in to assist another team mate. Do that but always come back as quickly as possible.

Every time you are leaving your assigned lane and not absorbing xp, you are losing a big advantage especially if the other team is absorbing more xp than you.

May I remind you that having an advantage gives you a better chance of winning? I wanted to say that just in case you’re not up-to-date on the necessary things to win since you have been taking so much time in the losing side.


When you see an empty lane and don’t go there, you are not actually helping the team because you are losing valuable xp. If in the previous times you played this game and you found yourself losing during the early parts of the game (which must have been always), this is the reason.

So if you see an empty lane, go there until your team mate who wandered off a bit returns to man his post.


Laning is done in the early stages of the game and it is best to know that you gain more xp by killing enemy minions in the lane instead of killing an enemy player.

This is true until you reach level 4 and you absorb the same amount of xp whether you kill an enemy player or their minions.

Don’t be distracted by the desire to give an enemy player the boot but in the process, leaving you’re assigned lane.

Stay in your lane. It’s not worth forfeiting the lane for the kill.



The main objective of laning is to be able to absorb xp from enemy minions and reach level 10 faster than the other side.  The reason for this is because when you reach level 10, you get your ultimates, which will give you a great advantage and basically ensures that you win any team fight. 


Follow this guide and start to rack those winning points up. It’s now time to revoke your Loser’s Membership Card and get to wine and dine with the big boys and maybe, just maybe; get yourself a girl; or if you’re a girl get yourself a boy or whatever.

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