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Abathur build guide

From time to time, comes rather a strange hero, which sparks interest. One such is Abathur. His playstyle differs from all other heroes available. I’ll admit it, he is challenging to play, less to master, but this makes the success sweeter once you manage to do so.

Initially presented in StarCraft franchise, Abathur had found its way into the Heroes of the Storm. He is played as a specialist, and to get used to it faster, here’s this article. Abathur build guide is intended for those who seek challenge and should be taken seriously.

“Perfection. Deep in the core. In strands.”

Abathur, the Evolution Master


  • Can gather experience from several lanes, which can result in significant lead
  • Synchronizes really good with certain heroes such as Illidan, The Butcher, and Tracer
  • Good Heroic abilities
  • Fantastic split pusher, probably the best in game
  • Global abilities
  • Toxic Nest can be used for map vision and prevent enemies ganking


  • Somewhat weak in the early game
  • Cannot push the lane by himself
  • Extremely easy to kill if found
  • Needs outstanding organizing skills of the player
  • The whole team must adapt to him
  • Cannot be used in the same way on all maps

So, Abathur is difficult to play, as I have shown. However, to make things just a bit easier to you, here are some tips on how to play this exciting hero.

  • Symbiote is an excellent tool gathering experience from multiple lanes. Use this to your advantage, and to create a lead in levels.
  • Toxic nests are you vision tools. Therefore, those should be spread throughout the map so that you can oversee it, and take a close look at rotating opposing heroes.
  • Locust Strain generates automated minions. Because of that, these are excellent in creating extra pressure to a specific lane. Use it when your team needs to win a lane at all cost.
  • Some prediction and proper map oversight will be required if you wish to play Abathur. In case that the opposing team is getting close to you, use Deep Tunnel to escape to safety.
  • Ultimate Evolution is your ace up in the sleeve. Since it copies allied hero for you to control, see which one will do the most damage. For example, if opposing team features several backline heroes, copying Illidan will make things much more comfortable.

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