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Alarak build guide

Some Protoss have decided to be separated from Khala. Others stay faithful to their tradition, and there is the third kind. Those Protoss who value their individuality more than anything are called the Tal’darim. Their ruthless and ambitious leader is Alarak.

In the world of Heroes of the Storm, he acts as an assassin, which focuses primarily on opposing heroes, and as such is an excellent choice for those who wish to improve their game as an assassin. Therefore, here’s this Alarak build guide, so that you will learn something about the way this assassin can help your team.

“Is there no one who can pose a challenge?”

Alarak, the Highlord of the Tal'darim


  • His Discord Strike silences the target, which puts additional pressure on heroes which rely on their abilities, such as Kel’Thuzad
  • Great in setting up and taking kills
  • Telekinesis can influence the shape of the battle, making him potent split pusher
  • His skills can go pretty high regarding strength
  • Strong when playing solo on the lane


  • Not effective in clearing Camps
  • Cannot siege very good
  • High learning curve
  • Discord Strike is a skillshot, a lot of players will have trouble in learning to use it properly

Here are some general tips on how to play Alarak and be efficient while doing so.

  • Telekinesis is your primary tool in influencing the shape of the battle. It is useful for escaping tight situations, or placing an enemy hero where you want him.
  • Discord Strike does damage to the opposing hero and stuns them as well. Although this is a useful technique, you must mind WHICH hero you are attacking. Those with the strong basic attack, such as Illidan can be troublesome.
  • Staying dominant and aggressive toward the opposing heroes is the most crucial feature for Alarak. Don’t focus strictly on damage; some utility talents can be more than helpful.
  • Deadly Charge is easy to predict, so channel it from a safe distance, or from the fog of war.
  • Uther is one of the most dangerous opponents, so make sure that the rest of the team will keep him away from you.
  • Also, Anub’arak is highly resistant to abilities and can stun you and close from afar. Keep an eye out for him.
  • Lightning Surge is an excellent sustaining tool, so look to hit the enemy with the center of it, for higher damage.

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