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Alexstrasza build guide – A life-giving (and saving) dragon


What kind of game would this be if there weren’t a dragon? Surely, not all dragons wish to kick out the dwarves out of their home and steal their gold, but still, playing as one which gives and saves lives has to be amazing nonetheless.


Alexstrasza made its way to Heroes of the Storm from her homeland, the world which is inhabited by those such as Thrall, the Burning Legion and other folks which make WarCraft universe. In any case, this Alexstrasza build guide is intended for those who are considering to buy her or have never played support before.



  • Decent range
  • Abilities don’t spend a lot of mana
  • Dragonqueen ability gives her great boosts and healing increase
  • Both Heroic abilities are great to choose


  • Dragonqueen needs a lot of time to be used again
  • Not very good at clearing waves
  • Doesn’t have powerful self-healing abilities

To master (or tame) this dragon, there are certain tips on the matter of gameplay. Of course, I got you covered, and here they are.

  • Wing Buffet is used with Dragonqueen and is very useful in keeping the opposing team away from back line heroes, such as Raynor.
  • Alexstrasza is excellent both as a primary or secondary support hero. Thus, when paired with Tyrande, for example, leaves a lot of space for deciding on how to play her. Of course, you will have to communicate with your teammates, to see what to do.
  • Some heroes are more useful on specific maps, while there are ones which are completely bad for them. Alexstrasza doesn’t have this handicap. She will do just fine on whichever map you are playing.
  • Dragonqueen has a very high cooldown, so be sure to use it only when needed. Team fights are such occasion; don’t waste it on duels or wave clearing.
  • Cleansing Flame is your escape mechanism. Therefore, learn how to use it effectively, if things start to go south.

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