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Ana build guide – Get in there, I’ll keep you patched up

Not many heroes have such diverse kit as Ana does. In fact, I can’t remember when the last time I saw sniper hero, with healing abilities was. This is the first fact which made me decide to give her a go. Therefore, here’s this Ana build guide which will undoubtedly be of use to you.

Coming from the world of conflict and bearing a burden of a tough life story, Ana is one of the members of the Overwatch. All that vibe about Egyptian gods, sniper duels, and falling societies, fit rather well in the world of Heroes of the Storm. There, she keeps her teammates alive to gain another victory.


  • Low mana requirements of her abilities
  • Great when paired with assassins which are utilizing spell damage
  • Long range of her basic attack
  • Very useful in dealing with the opposing support heroes
  • Good talent tree overall


  • Somewhat squishy and easy to kill
  • Very skillshot-oriented abilities which require aim and prediction
  • Doesn’t shine regarding the damage
  • Her mobility is not to be proud of

Surely, not every player can master the hero during the first game. On the other hand, you should play at least decent in a couple of weeks on average. To master Ana faster, here are some tips and tricks.

  • Playing Ana, you have to pay attention to the opposing heroes, and choose your abilities accordingly, to counter their effects. For example, if the opposing team packs a lot of stuns, Smelling Salts is a must. For slows, take Purifying Darts and start getting your team back to the fight.
  • Since she has limited self-healing abilities, being paired with another support is a good By doing so, she can be decent disabler/support hybrid.
  • Because of her long range of basic attack, Ana can harass the opposing hero. In other words, whenever possible, hit him. Its playstyle is somewhat similar to Raynor, so if you have an opposing melee hero, be aggressive, but keep your distance.
  • Positioning is vital to play Ana effectively. Don’t allow heroes such as Genji or Varian to close in on you. Genji is particularly effective in obliterating the opposing back line.
  • Since her Nano Boost strengthens allied hero and has long-lasting time, use it at the beginning of the battle, to maximize its usability.

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