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Anub’arak build guide

I remember when WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne came out some fifteen years ago. The addition of heroes and units was refreshing, and one of the most prominent heroes added was Anub’arak, a colossal bug which brought something new to the game.

The situation is the same with the Heroes of the Storm. He is played as a balanced warrior, since his abilities can hit from far, and should be used this way. In any case, who doesn’t love spiders, bugs, and webs?! Let’s get to this Anub’arak build guide right away, shall we?

“I’ll consume the living and the dead!”

Anub'arak, The Traitor King


  • Amazing teamfight initiator
  • Talent choices are flexible, so he can effectively counter the opposing heroes
  • Superb crowd control and abilities which will interrupt the opposing heroes
  • Possible love interest for Zagara (this is a joke, of course)


  • Somewhat squishy (pun intended)
  • His abilities are skillshots, a lot of practice needed to master all of them
  • Poor damage output

Here are some tips on how to be more efficient while playing this huge bug.

  • Scarab Host is excellent for intercepting damage from opposing heroes, towers and Mercenaries. It is also useful for increasing pressure while pushing the lane.
  • Cocoon shouldn’t be used unless it is essential. This ability has a long cooldown; it is better to spare it for a critical moment than to be without it when most needed.
  • Harden Carapace has a low cooldown and should be used while others are on cooldown. This will spawn beetles, and since it has low mana consumption, feel free to spam this ability whenever possible.
  • Burrow Charge is an excellent gap closer, so use it to approach heroes such as Azmodan. To extend your usability, follow up with Impale.
  • Locust Swarm may heal a lot of health points, but you should be careful about this heroic ability. It can help you stay alive but watch out for burst damage heroes, such as Valla.

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