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Artanis build guide

I’ll be sincere. Of all races which Blizzard has made during years, the Protoss are my all-time favorite, period. And besides Zeratul, Artanis is what I imagined them to be. Strong, noble and brave. By hitting the field in Heroes of the Storm, Artanis got me hooked on this game.


He is a frontline bruiser, or tank, depending on the situation, and this Artanis build guide can help you decide which role is best at the moment. In the end, this is an exciting hero to play, and if you love the Protoss as I do, he will surely become one of your primary heroes.


  • Amazing sustained damage
  • Combining Phase Prism with Blade Dash can catch the opposing team off guard
  • Shield Overload makes him extremely hard to kill
  • Abilities don’t spend a lot of mana
  • Global heroic talents are making him all-time danger


  • Susceptible to kiting
  • His health needs to fall below 75% to be most effective
  • Slowing and stunning effects can get him into trouble

Among numerous strategies and advice, here’s what I have learned so far by playing Artanis.

  • Never stop hitting when playing Artanis, EVER. Whether that be a basic attack or Twin Blades, just keep attacking. This will reduce the cooldown of Shield Overload, which makes you highly resistant.
  • Blade Dash has two-way movement path. Since hitting an enemy hero with this ability reduces the cooldown of the shield by two seconds, in theory, if you hit three heroes, you will half the time needed for the shield to recover.
  • Heroes which remain at the back, such as Raynor are your primary target. Use your Phase Prism to root them, and to close in for the attack.
  • If the opposing team has heroes with low mobility, such as Azmodan, give them a taste of the Purifier Beam. Since they won’t be able to escape it quickly, you will deal massive damage.
  • Although Suppression Pulse has lower damage than Purifier Beam, hitting at least three of the opposing heroes will give you an incredible advantage, due to its blinding effect.

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