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Arthas build guide

If you ever played any game of WarCraft franchise after Reign of Chaos, you have heard about Prince Arthas Menethil. Even if you didn’t, you have at least heard about this fallen hero. As they say, you either die a hero or live long enough to become the Lich King. Here’s my Arthas build guide, and put your jacket on, it is cold in Northrend.

Similar to his original game(s), in Heroes of the Storm, Arthas is a warrior, using his cold-based abilities to slow down and root enemies and secure a kill with this runeblade, the Frostmourne.

“No one orders me around.”

Arthas, the Lich King


  • A decent set of crowd control abilities
  • Great self-sustain
  • Can clear Mercenary Camps on his own
  • Has high damage output for a warrior
  • Laning is decent with this hero
  • Resistant to basic-attacking heroes


  • Depends on mana highly
  • No effective gap closers
  • Both Heroic abilities have a high cooldown

So, if you decided to try out our Lich King here, consider following tips when playing.

  • If you have heroes like Valla or Illidan in opposing team, go with Arthas, his 15% less damage from basic attacks makes him good counter for such assassins.
  • Some spells are best used via a quick Arthas will teach you the importance of this since alt+q will heal you fast, and being a warrior, you will use it often.
  • Howling blast is slow to hit the target, so casting it with some prediction about where the hero will be is essential. Although this requires a bit of exercise, it will teach you a thing or two about skill shots. Who would say that Arthas is such great teacher? (when I think of it, Arthas is like Anakin, hero who fell to the Dark Side)
  • What makes a push better than a dragon? When you need to press that lane hard, don’t be shy to Summon Sindragosa. It will disable enemy tower, which enables you to press it more. And it looks awesome!
  • If Zagara is on the opposing team, slow her down with Frozen Tempest. It will cancel her movement speed benefit from Creep Tumor.
  • Of all heroes, those who ignore Arthas’s armor are the worst counter pick. Therefore, watch out for Gul’dan and Kael’thas. Those two have high burst damage, and if they know a thing or two about kiting, you won’t be able to reach them.

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