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Choosing the hero which suits you the best can be a factor which can turn the tables on the map, and make you victorious in the end. As being one of the most iconic Blizzard’s heroes, Jim Raynor is also featured in Heroes of the Storm. Therefore, here’s the Raynor guide on this matter. Hit the map!

We all know about melancholic, whiskey-soaked hero from StarCraft franchise. Almost everything is known about Jim Raynor, but few people know that he loves to hit the map in Heroes of the Storm from time to time, where he is an exceptionally good assassin.

So, let’s get straight to this Raynor guide, shall we?


  •  Long range
  •  Amazing pusher
  • Strong auto attack
  • Easy to play
  • Good sustainability due to Adrenaline rush


  • No too much freedom in playstyle
  • Map awareness is essential
  • No escape mechanism
  • Weak during early game phase

Here is some general info on how I play Raynor and so far, this is the best tactics.

  • Don’t roam too much from the lane, keep stacking Seasoned Marksman on minions. As mentioned, Raynor is pretty squishy and weak in the early game. But, if you accumulate Seasoned Marksman well from the beginning, you will own in the mid and late game.
  • Raynor punishes those heroes who cannot close the gap fast. Therefore, if your opponent is a melee champ, hit it hard, be aggressive but don’t push it too much. You don’t want to press the lane too much because this opens space for the opposing team.
  • If Adrenaline Rush is on cooldown, hug that tower! I can’t stress this one enough. If Rush is on cooldown and you enter the trade which you cannot win, there are zero chances that you’ll survive. Wait for it to kick in again, and start pushing.
  • Learn how to position during team fights, Penetrating Round can be used both as an offensive and defensive tool. It is easy to understand how you can shake off opposing initiator with one well-placed Round. That one step can mean a lot.
  • Keep one eye on the map the whole time. Although this is a universal rule, it is vital for Raynor. If you see two heroes on top, two on the bottom, you know that you can press the lane harder. If one is missing, take care, and watch yourself.

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