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Auriel build guide

There are a few Angels in this game. So far, I’ve written only about Malthael, and my second choice is this hero. Coming from Diablo Universe, this is Auriel build guide.

Played as ranged Support in Heroes of the Storm, Auriel has somewhat unique feature. She doesn’t have mana but relies on energy gathered by causing damage to the opposing heroes by her and one chosen ally.

“Take heart, my friends. Faith cannot be lost, only abandoned.”

Auriel, the Archangel of Hope


  • Potent wave clearer
  • When at full energy AoE burst heal is superb
  • Can revive allies
  • Detainment Strike is a fantastic peel or disengage tool


  • Slow movement speed
  • Vulnerable to diving heroes
  • Cannot endure for long when isolated
  • Needs energy gained through combat for healing

If you prefer those “standard” support types, Auriel might be just the right hero for you. However, this doesn’t mean that she can be taken for granted, and here are some tips on this matter.

  • Keep in mind your primary role. Auriel is not Support who takes the front line, so keep your distance and try to use Sacred Sweep as much as possible. Of course, when paired with your ally marked by Bestow Hope, it will build up your energy in no time.
  • Although Ray of Heaven is a great healing ability, try not to waste it on just one hero, and try to hit several at once.
  • Crystal Aegis is an amazing way to spoil the day to the opposing heroes with targeted ability. For example, Malthael’s Last Rites are directly countered by this ability. Thus, if there is this hero in the opposing team, hold on with the use of Aegis to save your ally.
  • Bestow Hope is your equally important source of energy. High-damage Assassins such as Gul’dan or Lunara are superb choices. The latter is particularly suitable, due to her sustained damage which will provide you energy at a constant rate.
  • One of the most dangerous opponents is The Butcher. Since he packs nasty silence tool combined with engaging devices, it is impossible for Auriel to escape. The only way to be saved is from your team, or if the enemy makes a mistake and gives up on you, which is highly unlikely.

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