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Azmodan build guide – Let all Hell break loose!

The question remains whether that would be light if there weren’t darkness. And one of the most prominent representatives of Diablo universe is Azmodan, The Lord of Sin. Coming from brimstone and the sulfur-filled world made by Blizzard, this tough hero is featured in Heroes of the Storm as well.

Sporting outstanding range on his talents, Azmodan is not a glass cannon. This Azmodan build guide is intended to be beginner-friendly so that you can get used to it as fast as possible.

Strap up; we’re heading to the eternal fire!


  • Fantastic for minion farming
  • Most hit points in game
  • Excellent in 1 on 1 situations
  • Very useful for siege
  • Can deal a lot of damage


  • Easy to hit, thus susceptible to stuns and silences
  • Large and slow-moving
  • Not bringing much into team fight, besides brutal damage

Here are tips and tricks which can help you to achieve better results.

  • General of Hell can do wonders especially if the opposing hero is absent from the lane, and there are minions which can be empowered with the presence of the Lieutenant. Use this talent whenever it is not on cooldown.
  • If you are stacking Taste for Blood, make sure that your teammates know this, so farming is left to you
  • Summon Demon Warrior can add considerable pressure in the early stage of the game since it has high damage output. In the mid and late phase of the game use it for scouting, since it cannot make too much difference.
  • Heroes such as Sonya, Malthael or Diablo are extremely dangerous for Azmodan, so if the opposing team has at least one, be careful and see whether they are focusing you. If you are their primary target, ask your teammates to take them off of you.

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