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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Battlefield of Eternity

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Battlefield of Eternity

What sets Heroes of the Storm apart as a MOBA-like game, are its different maps. Others such as League of Legends and DotA 2 have the same ground each time. The first on our list will be Battlefield of Eternity map.

About the map

  • Size: Small
  • No. of lanes: 2
  • Realm: Sanctuary (Diablo Universe)

Objective and tips:

The primary objective of this map are the Immortals. The mechanics on this map reminded me of Diablo III the most. Fighting angels and demons along respective sides is what makes the backbone of the story from Diablo. Now, Blizzard had transferred that feeling to this map rather successfully, and to be honest; I like this map.


Until the 3rd minute of the game, everything is more or less the same as with other maps. You soak experience, watch not to be ganked, etc. At 02:30 the announcer states that two Immortals (angel for the left side and demon for the right) are approaching.


When they appear, the battle between the two starts and the main goal of the map appears. Each team needs to either help its Immortal defeat the enemy or to prevent the opposing team to eliminate theirs.


Balancing between these two is the most challenging thing to do, especially if you are playing with unknown people who aren’t used to your playstyle. Therefore, it is safer to focus on bringing the opposing Immortal down, rather than defending yours.


Anyway, the remaining Immortal will join the fight, and help to push one lane. It packs a lot of damage and health, and will undoubtedly be of great assistance.


Since the opposing team knows this, they will focus your Immortal, and that’s why it is vital to aid him, and to keep the opposing team away, to increase its effectiveness. At 1:45 after the last Immortal is defeated, everything starts over, and continues until a Nexus is destroyed.

Recommended heroes:

  •           Valla – since she possesses outstanding mobility, and has good sustained damage, it is recommended to have this hero on board. Since the map is small, she can move fast to where is needed.
  •           Greymane – another well-equipped hero for this map, the King of Gilneas will help significantly in bringing down the Immortal you are fighting. Also, he represents quite the threat to the opposing team.
  •           Sylvanas – in case that you want to employ sneaky tactics, Sylvanas is right for this. Her moment to shine is while the enemy is focusing your Immortal. In this time frame, she is more than capable of pressing the other lane. Since she can shut down towers, taking down at least one or two is not impossible for her.

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