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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Blackheart’s Bay

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Blackheart’s Bay

Yarrrr, shiver me timbers lad, ’tis a guide fer th’ map called Blackheart’s Bay! Collect doubloons and bribe th’ ole cap’n t’ blow yer enemies t’ Davy Jones’ locker! Now to be serious, this map has strong pirate influence. I’ve been talking like a pirate for a week after playing Heroes of the Storm a bit too much.

About the map

Objective and tips:

As I said in my poor imitation of Pirate language, the goal on this map is to collect doubloons. But, let’s take one step at a time, shall we?

Once the match starts, you will have 90 seconds time frame until the first chest with doubloons appears. After all of the crates are eliminated, and gold plundered, it will take three minutes for a new round of those to appear. This cycle continues until the game is over.

But, what to do with those doubloons? Well, our good captain has several cannons, extra gunpowder, and an itching finger. So, why not bribe him to fire at the enemy team’s towers and other structures? This service will cost you ten doubloons.

Naturally, things had to be a bit more dynamic and exciting. If you die, all the doubloons you have collected will be scattered in near vicinity, and the opponent can collect them. Thus, it is vital to work as a team, and not let the opponent take your gold.

To win this map, excellent map awareness is crucial. Heroes who can provide this will be of utmost importance. Moreover, chests are not the only source of gold. Several Mercenary Camps will also drop gold coins, so those heroes who can deal with those fast will also be welcome.

Since the majority of sources of doubloons is located at the lower part of the map, knowing where is your enemy will help you coordinate. Also, if you notice that the opposing team is continuously harassing chests, set an ambush near the Blackheart’s location.

Blackheart’s Bay is one of those maps which is great for playing with friends. It offers a valuable lesson in teamwork, so hit this one, if you want to get better.

Recommended heroes:

  • Xul – our good Necromancer is the top-notch choice for this map. He is all-inclusive package due to heavy lane pressure, needs for rotation, and if somehow isn’t banned, and the opposing team manages to take it, go with Dehaka to reduce his influence.
  • Zagara – I did say “map awareness”, didn’t I? There are but a few heroes who can provide more info about enemy’s movement besides Zagara. She is also strong in clearing Mercenary Camps, so those few extra doubloons will come in handy.
  • Falstad – because of the size of Blackheart’s Bay, Falstad is a good choice, since he can travel fast from one end to another. He is also strong damage-dealer, so can help with stealing gold, and turning 4-on-4 fight into 5-on-4.

About The Author

Sladjan Teodosin

True gamers never die. They just respawn.


  1. Eric Davis

    KHARAZIM is pretty solid on this map as well.

    • Sladjan Teodosin

      Well, yeah, good mobility is pretty useful. But he’s not that effective in clearing waves and pressing lane. Could try different builds though, thanks for suggestion! 😉

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