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Blaze build guide

As far as I’m concerned, all human heroes from StarCraft are a bit or entirely crazy. I mean, just look at Tychus! So, our hero for today is not an exception. Impressed by flames, fascinated by setting things on fire, and of course, pyromaniac, this veteran Firebat has its name. This is Blaze build guide, and this is our star of the event, Corporal Miles “Blaze” Lewis.

I have to admit, Heroes of the Storm are really pushing the limits and bending the rules. When someone mentions a Warrior, the first thing which comes to your mind is a huge guy with a shield and a sword. With Blaze, this is only half true. He is big and is a Warrior, but a ranged one.

“You look like last week’s barbecue!”

Corporal Miles "Blaze" Lewis, the Veteran Firebat


  • Can clear waves rather good
  • Damage output can be pretty high, considering he is a Warrior
  • Tough nut to crack; high health pool and great armor will keep him alive
  • Excels in 1-on-1 situations
  • Heroics are bringing in the flexibility of choice


  • Will be kited most often
  • His reliance on skillshot abilities makes him a bit tricky to play
  • The playstyle of this hero can be predicted pretty good
  • Not very good in burst damaging

I won’t delay it any further. Here are tips on how to point this colossal lighter the right direction and burn everything in your wake!

  • I know that this is general advice, but always be aware of your surroundings. This is especially important when you are playing Blaze. He needs good preparation of Oil Spills which can be ignited by Flame Stream. So, you can cover a large area, or stack spills one upon another and turn your enemy into a barbecue.
  • Speaking of Flame Stream, it fires two projectiles, so you can use this to increase damage output, and to reduce the cooldown of Pyromania.
  • Jet Propulsion is excellent for initiating team fights. Although it passes through minions, it will stop when the wall is hit. Therefore, aim carefully.
  • Since Combustion will make you unable to move, try to predict movement pattern of the opposing hero. For example, your Genji can lure the enemy right to the bush where you are sitting and already channeling. This requires practice, but it is worthy.
  • Watch for heroes who are dealing percentage-based damage. Leoric and Malthael are such and can rip through your hero without an effort. On the other hand, Tracer is highly mobile so that those spills won’t work on her.

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