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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Braxis Holdout

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Braxis Holdout

StarCraft 2 is one of the best things that happened to gaming world ever, period. So, if you feel sorry for completing it, Heroes of the Storm got you covered. There’s a map in this game called Braxis Holdout, which brings back that sensation of playing. Killing Zerg waves or defending your own was never more fun!

About the map:


Objective and tips:

The Zerg have outgrown StarCraft as a game. They have become a synonym for countless waves of enemies, and this map shows this treat of theirs the best. (Try typing “zerg rush” without quotations in Google, to see what happens)


Here, in Koprulu sector, the primary goal is to collect as much Zerg as possible, and unleash their fury upon your enemies. There are two beacons which will help you do so, but let’s begin with something basic, shall we?


Usually, the first minute or so in each game are spent on positioning, planning and such. This is the case on this map as well. 90 seconds is the time when the events will begin. Two beacons will activate, and that team which controls both of them will get their containment cells filled.


Once filled, it will release a wave of various Zerg units, so you can expect to support or fight against Banelings, Zerglings, Hydralisk and Ultraists, and a Guardian. Each is quite similar to their StarCraft counterpart, so knowing which one to focus first can tip the scales to your advantage.


For example, Banelings might seem like a minor threat, but they will deal a lot of damage, so bring those down first. Next are Hydralisks (don’t think that Ultralisks will deal more damage), and after that, it is up to you to see which to eliminate.


Once all Zerg are cleared, it will take 2 minutes and 10 seconds for everything to start again. Naturally, the side which loses the Nexus, loses the game as well, no change about that.


As for heroes, most often endurance will bring most success. Struggling to take control over beacons will need a lot of effort, so those heroes who don’t have mana will be in huge advantage. Toss in a strong self-sustain trait, and you got yourself an excellent hero to play on this map.

Recommended heroes:

  • Chen – as I said, decent mobility, no mana, and high endurance make Chen one of the best choices for this map. Also, he is a very flexible hero, so there will be no problems in adjusting the build to counter the opponent.
  • Rexxar – toe to toe with Chen, Rexxar is also a tough nut to crack. However, he will clear Mercenary Camps rather fast, which puts additional pressure on the opponents. Moreover, he excels in holding the lane, while the rest of the team locks down the opponent, and Misha is sitting under the beacon, capturing it.
  • Dehaka – one word. Brushstalker. Braxis Holdout is a small map, and beacons have bushes around which is ideal for Dehaka to move to and ambush the unsuspecting enemy. Add some decent survivability, and it is apparent why is this hero an excellent pick for Braxis holdout.

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