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Brightwing build guide


There are some odd looking heroes in this game. Murky, for example, is a mocking target for almost every hero, and what supposed to be a dragon is something of a lizard with wings. However, this is the proof that you should never judge the book by its cover. This is Brightwing build guide, and here is our hero.


If you ever ventured into the World of WarCraft, you probably ran into the quest of gathering faerie dragons in Feralas. This is how Brightwing looks like. Playful, happy and insanely fun, this is one unique support. In Heroes of the Storm, she is often picked on larger maps.


“I like happy things. Like puppies, and rainbows, and… Dead enemies.”

Brightwing, the Farie Dragon


  • Decent in clearing waves
  • Fantastic disengage tool in shape of Emerald Wind
  • Rather good for split pushing
  • Her healing ability doesn’t need mana
  • Cannot be locked down easily once hits level 10
  • Adjustable talent selection


  • Prone to crowd control
  • The player needs to be aware of the map all the time
  • Heal is sustained, rather than burst one
  • Has much higher skill cap than other supports

Now, to play Brightwing more efficient, you will need tips. Luckily, I got you covered.

  • Brightwing’s most significant advantage is Phase Shift. It allows her to reposition quickly, and cover a lane for experience soaking if needed. Also, you can join teamfight without traveling across the map.
  • Blink Heal is good for covering your trail and feinting the opponent. Also, it will heal your targeted ally, which can be an excellent introduction to setting up an ambush.
  • Arcane Flare is useful for siege since it has greater range than the tower. Keep this in mind, since not many heroes have such skills.
  • If the opposing team has strong mage assassins with a bunch of CC, pick Brightwing, since her Pixie Dust adds movement speed and spell armor. For example, Jaina and Kael’thas can struggle when playing against her.
  • Although these two might have some issues in fighting Brightwing, Greymane don’t have such fears. He starts from a distance and quickly closes in for the kill. Simply put, healing cannot keep up with his high damage outburst.
  • Anub’arak and Varian are also counters for Brightwing since they rely heavily on crowd control, and our dragon doesn’t have a good escape mechanism.

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