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The Butcher

The Butcher

The Butcher build guide

Some characters in Heroes of the Storm are cute. Others look nice, and there is the third kind. Some heroes are scaring the hell out of me (pun intended). Our big guy here is one such. Get your cleaver; this is The Butcher build guide.

Played as a melee Assassin, The Butcher is more and more dangerous foe as the game goes on. Although being somewhat less important in Diablo, here he is the big game. And should be treated as one such.


The Butcher, the Flesh Carver


  • Insane sustained damage
  • His Butcher’s Brand can turn the table during the battle
  • Excels in 1-on-1 situations
  • High burst damage via Furnace Blast
  • Can stick to his target effectively
  • Good for ganking due to his Ruthless Onslaught


  • Losing stacks of Fresh Meat can cause troubles
  • Both of his Heroic abilities can be avoided
  • If hero marked with Butcher’s Brand gets away without him landing a Basic attack, The Butcher won’t last long
  • Needs the team which will play around his playstyle
  • Highly vulnerable to Blinds

Few heroes are capable of instilling fear to his enemies as The Butcher can. So, to be as effective as possible, here are some tips.

  • The most important factor which needs to be taken into consideration when playing The Butcher is the number of Fresh Meat stacked. Therefore, don’t miss an opportunity to collect those drops. Of course, don’t leave your team fighting just to roam around and gather stacks.
  • Always take into consideration your target for Butcher’s Brand. Is it Stukov who won’t be able to evade or dodge your Basic attack which will follow, or nimble Genji who will vanish in no time, leaving you without means of survival?
  • Ruthless Onslaught is excellent as initiating tool. To make things more effective, cast Furnace Blast so that it activates as you reach the opposing team. Since you will be Unstoppable because of the first ability, the only thing which the opposing team can do is to evade you, which opens the opportunity for splitting and punishing them.
  • Lamb to the Slaughter is a superb tool to bind the opposing hero, catch him up and claim the kill. However, not all heroes should be the target for this. For example, Tracer will just cast Recall, laugh and run away while dealing massive damage.
  • Also, those sturdy heroes who can endure punishment from The Butcher are highly dangerous. Johanna has superb tools at her disposal, while Uther can stop you in your tracks and keep his allies alive at the same time.

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