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Cassia build guide

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s one angry Amazon Warmatron, hurling a bolt of lightning in your direction! This is how I would describe Cassia. Coming from the world of Diablo universe, she was one of my favorite characters back in Diablo II. I can say that I’m glad Blizzard decided to make her available in Heroes of the Storm.

This Cassia build guide will surely make you remember good old days when we had to fight through hordes of evil to get to Diablo in his Chaos Sanctuary. This situation is similar today in Heroes of the Storm, to survive, you have to fight.

Lightning never strikes twice. Javelins, however, do.



  • Long range of Lightning Fury makes it an excellent harassing tool
  • Can clear wave of minions fast if they are affected by Blind
  • Massive damage can be dealt with her Ball Lightning
  • Impale can cause a lot of damage and has excellent kill potential
  • Charged Strikes is fantastic for tower-hugging heroes


  • No escape mechanism
  • Abilities spend a lot of mana
  • Fend can be interrupted by the opposing heroes
  • The only self-healing ability is Ring of the Leech

Among many advice and tactics, sometimes is hard to know how to play. Therefore, here are some tips on how to be effective with this hero.

  • Lightning Fury has quite long range, so use it whenever possible. It is particularly useful in team fights, or if you have two opposing heroes in your lane.
  • Before engaging, throw in some Blinding Light, so that Ring of the Leech and increased damage can kick in.
  • Fend is a useful ability, so use it if you need to clear the wave fast, or to secure a kill on low-health heroes. Also, it is good when used after Ball Lightning, since it has high output damage, and Fend sports AoE damage; it will damage more of heroes.
  • Ball Lightning is best used at the height of the teamfight. Because of heroes being clumped together, it will be harder for the enemies to avoid it.
  • If you wish to interrupt enemy’s channeled Heroic Ability, Valkyrie is great for this purpose. It has low cooldown damage, so use it when possible.

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