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Chromie build guide

Remember when I was writing about Gazlowe and said that I don’t like Gnomes? Well, things didn’t change, I still don’t like them, even though some of them are in fact dragons (wut? O.o). Yep, you read that right. This little girl is actually a dragon, and this is Chromie build guide.

While in World of WarCraft Gnomes can be played as several classes, in Heroes of the Storm Chromie is played as ranged Assassin. She can wreak havoc from a great distance, and can also influence the time flow.

“Or is this the first time we’ve met? I’m in so many places and times I have a hard time keeping track of all of it.”

Chromie, the Keeper of Time


  • High poke damage
  • Outstanding range
  • Both Heroic abilities are useful.
  • Amazing burst damage potential


  • Somewhat difficult to learn
  • Sensitive to crowd control
  • Low health points
  • Needs to be positioned well
  • Not very good regarding mobility

In case that you wish to play as this tiny dragon, there are some things you must know. Therefore, here are tips on the matter.

  • Sand Blast is your primary poke ability. However, its animation is such that your target will see it coming from afar. The solution is to cast it from the area where the enemy cannot see you, such as bushes.
  • Time Trap is suitable for setting up the combo chain. Of course, the enemy won’t just walk into it. Try feinting that you are running away, cast Time Trap in the bush, and prepare Sand Blast and Dragon’s Breath. Yeah, it’s gonna hurt. Like, a lot.
  • Speaking of Dragon’s Breath, it is one of my favorite abilities in the whole game. Why? Well, let me tell you that there’s no circle which will give away where it will land.
  • In case that you are dealing with highly mobile heroes such as Zeratul, Tracer or Genji, make sure that you have chosen Bronze Talons. These are of great assistance in these situations.
  • Speaking of heroes, those who pack a lot of health, such as Diablo and Stitches will be a problem. Simply put, you can’t generate enough damage to kill them before they reach you. Stitches is especially dangerous because of his Hook.

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