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Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Cursed Hollow

Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds guide – Cursed Hollow

Besides including maps from already established games such as WarCraft or StarCraft, Blizzard had gone a step further. They have introduced several maps from Nexus lore, thus enlarging Heroes of the Storm universe. One of those is Cursed Hollow, the domain of the ancient Raven Lord.

About the map

  • Size: Large
  • No. of lanes: 3
  • Realm: Raven Court (Nexus)

Objective and tips:

As it is with each battleground, you have specific objectives to fulfill, to win the game. However, on Cursed Hollow you need to collect three tributes, and the Raven Lord will weaken your enemies. In case that you don’t collect enough tributes, you can win the game, but it will be much harder.


Speaking of curses, always see to collect tributes, since it will weaken the opposing minions to 1 health point, and the enemies’ towers won’t attack. This makes pushing the lane much more comfortable, and it prevents the battle to drag on.


After three minutes, the objective will activate, and 30 seconds after that, the first tribute will appear. Collecting it requires 6 seconds of channeling, and it can be interrupted by damage or moving.


The mechanics of spawning is simple. There are two rows (top and bottom) and three columns (left, middle and right). Every cycle of three spawning will be in every row and every column. Now, this means that you can predict where the last one will be.


For example, first tribute was lower left, second lower middle, which guides us to the conclusion that the last one will be top right. This can help you to set up an ambush, or to distribute forces and collect it.


When the curse is active, towers and minions won’t represent much of a help. Therefore, you will want to have heroes who can clear waves fast. Also, those heroes with global abilities are more than welcome.

Recommended heroes:

  • Dehaka – the Primal Zerg is more than equipped to take the field on this map. He has a global presence through Brushstalker, which is highly useful here since he can ambush channeling enemy. Moreover, he is an exceptional wave-clearer, which is needed on this map both offensively and defensively.
  • Brightwing – his teleport is of great usage here, especially when combined with the overall healing output. She will keep allies alive, and can also disengage enemies with Emerald Wind.
  • The Lost Vikings – although difficult to master, TLV works excellent on Cursed Hollow. They can either split push, harass the enemy by interrupting channeling, or just soak up the experience on a lane which isn’t occupied by the enemy. Also, the need to be at several places at the same time is very apparent here, and there’s no better hero than those.

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